Facebook is building its own OS, for future devices. And it’s a smart move!

We are surely going to have devices beyond our mobile phones and computers, which will need operating systems. While it seems that most of the various devices we have now basically run on Android or OS made by Apple, how about the Future? I’m sure that’s the basic question that Facebook asked themselves and now, they are developing an OS for ‘future devices’

This move was earlier reported by The Information, and it is designed to be more focused on products like AR glasses. Well, that’s why it’s said to be for future devices. These products are still not to be birthed in the first couple of years of the next decade. But, Facebook wants you to know that it is really passionate about taking you off so much dependence on Google and Apple.

According to the head of hardware, Andrew Bosworth, “we really want to make sure that the next generation has space for us.” I guess it’s still business then, and not really our good at the core of their hearts (lol, did I expect less?)

The spokesman further went on to opine that they can’t trust Google and Apple to make stuff that will live up to their expectations, so “we are gonna do it ourselves”

Facebook in past years have tried to build their own phones, and it failed terribly, a failure that was beyond Microsoft’s Windows phone.

Anyways, Facebook and other tech leaders have this belief that AR devices will soon be a major way with which we connect and interact with the internet. How true this is, only the future can tell. But, Facebook is not taking any chance. When that time comes, they want to be the major player, just as Google and Apple are – for mobile phones.


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