This new Snapchat glasses has cool features, but it is “useless”

There have been several Snapchat glasses for years now, and none has seemed to be much success. Well, the not-doing-well company is back with the Spectacles 3. This is so much advanced with several cool features. But, are they really needed?

Even though the advanced glass comes with 3D imaging capacity, the high price can cause you to easily pass on it. Well, if you are a fan of snapchat and augmented reality actually catches your fancy, $380 may be worth it.

The Spectacles are like sun shades, with camera functionality. The previous version came with a yellow circumference around the camera area, now, its black – well blended into the steel frame. The Spectacles 2 – which came with very few features – had a plastic frame.

Despite the change in color, it is so evident that you are wearing a camera. The notch is just so much. I guess that’s the whole essence of the Spectacles. People have to know that you are actually wearing a camera glass, so, it won’t be seen as you spying on them.

Charging of the Spectacles is just like airpod – charging in its case. The spectacles features two lenses which makes it possible to capture 3D images. Also all with a single click of the shutter hardware, you can capture a 10 seconds video.

And just like any spectacles device, the images and videos captured can be rendered into your Snapchat app. When this rendering is done, you feel the full capacity of the spectacles device.

Other than 3D image rendering, another feature of the spectacles 3 is the AR functionality. With this functionality you can go on walkways while archs are made to beautify the environment.

As said earlier, these features are cool but at that price, I don’t see the need for the spectacles 3, it’s seemingly useless. The price range for Spectacles has been around $200, but this is pricey, and the features are yet to be perfect.


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