21st Centurion Hack: Use your Personality to Sell

Have you ever been abused or insulted before for pricing a good below its given price? Have you ever been called “ole” (thief) by a market woman before because you negotiated her price against her wish? There is one popular petrol station in Nigeria who over time has branded itself in honesty. While other stations increased their pump prices during fuel scarcity, theirs often remains unchanged.

Dear, if you ask your customers why they chose to buy from you, your personality is likely to come up in the answers. Maybe you seemed trustworthy. Or your sense of humor made people want your products and services. Whether or not you intended it you happen, people buy from you because of a personality trait in you they so much love.


One statistic showed that most people quit or resign from their jobs largely because of the attitude of their employers. Showing your personality is always a risk. But you can’t avoid it. If you don’t choose what people think about you, they’ll draw their own conclusions, which might be less than favorable for you.

During the 2019 Xenophobia attack in South Africa against Nigerians, Allen Onyema (CEO of Air Peace Airlines) decided to fly Nigerians back home for free. An exercise that cost him over 280 million naira. This act of patriotism and selfless service to humanity did not only increase their customer base, it also earned him a recommendation for a national award.

Abdullah – a friend of mine recommended that I took the 16 Personality Online Test. The test was simple and easy, however the results revealed a lot about me that I didn’t really consider. It showed explicitly my strengths and weaknesses. A copy of the result read; Extraverted – 53%, Observant – 58%, Feeling – 69%, Judging – 83%, Assertive – 78%. (I recommend that you also take the personality test. It’s absolutely free! Just visit www.16personalities.com).

If you do not know exactly what makes people most likely to pay attention to you and buy from you, you CANNOT produce effective marketing.

Your personality is a powerful sales tool that should never be overlooked. It influences our lives, career, business and relationship either positively or negatively. People patronize whom they love, whom they know and whom they trust. Hence you must be someone with whom people like to associate. Your personality must be upbeat in both actions and words, and should be complimentary to everyone with whom you come in contact with. I have some strong relationships in my life with people who were just mere clients initially. We relate more intimately like families now.

How likely are you going to buy from a petrol station that opens late often? Who wanna have a rigid and recalcitrant folk in his team? Who wannna do business with a street fighter? Who wanna do business with a liar? Are you ready to employ a ‘Donald Trump’ in your company? Will you want to work for a company that has a track record for taking bribes? Certainly, No! For most startups seeking collaborations, it has always been said that “Do not co-found a business with someone you cannot hang out with.” For me, I find it difficult to patronize a shop where the ‘Oga at the top’ is always raining curses on the employees. This may appear trivial, but its effect on your business and career can be overwhelming.

I bought a camera accessory from a camera store about a year ago and I was intrigued by the hospitality and care shown to me. Not because I was buying from them, however I have learnt from observation that they are a very compassionate and caring people. They do not only sell their products; they also share useful information to help their customers. And because I am easily seduced by sincere cares and compassion, I have become their strong customer. I have also recommended them to my colleagues for patronage. How do you respond or react when your customers call you for some information that goes beyond what you sell?

All of your communication with your customer should be personal, genuine and friendly. You don’t need to fake it. Be interesting, intelligent, exciting and entertaining, but never infringe on their privacies. Always use your personality to your advantage. Always consider which of your personality traits are most likely to compel your target customers to pay attention to you and buy your products. When people can easily understand the few things you “stand for” and what makes you stand out from the competition, you’ll get more customers.

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Kingsley Ndimele
Chairman, NOVEL Nigeria.


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