21st Centurion Hack: Learn to make noise in a digital style!

This is the 1st issue of The 21st Centurion Hack; an editorial to exposing insightful ways to leverage on Digital (New) Media. Anchored by Kingsley Ndimele, Chairman, Novel Nigeria. 

I couldn’t believe my ears when a guy walked into the room and exclaimed “Dr. Dipo!” at the sight of one cute young man who sat next to me. I couldn’t believe I was sitting next to the famous twitter influencer; Dr. Dipo. I was eager to start a conversation with him.

Could it really be him? – my brain kept asking. It was in PwC Media Workshop 2019. Having followed his tweets closely, one could easily conclude that he is a knowledge preacher who is very passionate about self-development and personal growth.

“Where else would Dr. Dipo be, if not in trainings, workshops and seminars?” – I communed with myself. I quickly browsed my phone to check for his profile picture. At least, pictures don’t lie. Mtcheew! He was not the Twitter celebrity. I was so impatient that I didn’t even notice his name on the tag was Dipo Olajide, not the popular Dipo Awojide.

These days, one doesn’t need to be a Nollywood superstar or feature in Forbes Magazine before one get an overwhelming media attention. Incredibly, our ‘just’ phones now function as amplifiers other than a mere digital device. There are over eight billion people on earth seeking for attention daily. Everyday, they seek to be heard.

The world has gone digital. More often than ever in human history, people now seek an online presence for various purposes – career, business, talents and many more.

In fact, the cyberspace is fast becoming an evidence of credibility. How do I find out if truly your business is not a scam when you don’t have an online presence? Each time I receive a mail from an unknown organizatnicheI firstly search for more information and details simply by typing the organization’s name on the search engine. If I don’t find any useful information, I throw the mail into the spam bin. Period! Even the best idea can be killed when it is not well marketed. How do you market your innovation in this digital age? Do you have an online presence? When you search for your name or company’s name on google, what do you see?

Dear, it’s never too late. Some 4 years ago, I was nowhere to be found on the cyberspace. I was confused and depressed, but I kept doing my thing, hoping that luck will shine on me someday. Little did I know that until I amplify myself, my skills and my passion, nobody is going to hear me – until I promote and advertise myself nobody is going to hear me. The world is too noisy! Most likely, it will never be calm enough for you to be heard. The stage is so high, therefore, you may need to climb higher to be seen. The world is constantly evolving. This is why silence may no longer be the best answer. There are so many people struggling for space on several platforms. If you really want to be seen, heard and found, you either ‘fight’ for space on those platforms or you create your own platform. An online presence is about creating a VOICE for yourself in the midst NOISES. Amazingly, it is easier to create your own platform these days. Irrespective of your location today, you can make the world your stage.

Let me show you how to build an online presence from the scratch.
1. Find your niche
2. Set your goals
3. Focus on online platforms associated with your niche (Not everyone needs a website)
4. Create value and produce contents on a consistent basis
5. Build an audience


Guest Post: Kingsley Ndimele, Chairman, Novel Nigeria.


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