“The Herbert Macaulay Affair” movie takes us back in time to an important point in history Nigerians have forgotten!

Herbert Macaulay is not a saint! That he appeared on the 1 naira note doesn’t mean he was all shades of right. But, the question is, who is? Is there any saint out there, especially when it comes to politics and life in general? We all engage in vicious acts to either defend ourselves, our family and whatever we believe in. Herbert Macaulay Affair is a testament to this fact.

Herbert Macaulay Affairs
This is your hero!

There will always be times we need to do what we need to do, to get what we want. And some people are not so conscious and are willing to go wrong, to reach what is right for them. We are humans. Herbert Macaulay might not have been a saint, but he was an icon who stood for the people, and that is all that matters.

This is the Herbert Macaulay season and all we can do is to reel about it. In the dark ages, the black race has always been subject to abuse and mishandling by the white supremacists. All over the world, the status quo was the same, “Best of Enemies” did a good job of telling how it went down in America. At these different places, men and women rose up to ensure that we are free men (and women).

Many movies have depicted this fight and struggle on the big screen, shedding light on the history that defines our heritage. When they tell you “black is strong”, it isn’t hyperbole, but a statement that is borne out an acknowledgment of immense struggles of time past. This menace of racism persists, right from the moments we were been colonized, till now. Colonization was a huge blow on our race, but some people fought. One of such many people is Herbert Macaulay.


Who is Herbert Macaulay?

As said earlier, the mustache man wasn’t a saint, but he was an icon. One who was ready to do dirty, as far as we are free. Once we are free, who cares about how he achieved it.

Herbert Macaulay Affairs
Feel the mustache

Many probably don’t know that Herbert Macauley is black. All thanks to the name. Beyond this, many don’t know what he looked like and what he did for Lagos. However, thanks to Imoh Umoren’s “The Herbert Macaulay Affair,” we would experience a deep dive into what his life was all about.

Did you know Herbert was the seventh child of his Sierra Leonean Parents? Did you know he went to prison twice, one of which was because he spoke out against government ills through editorials? I bet you didn’t even know that he was the founder of defunct Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP).

There is so much about the life of Herbert Macaulay that we don’t know. Herbert is such an important part of Nigerian history, just as Nnamdi Azikwe and Obafemi Awolowo, both of which at one point reckoned with his impact on local politics in Lagos. His life and exploits are a critical part of Nigerian history that seems to have been swept under the carpet. We are rapidly forgetting about him, which is no good. If the country is in presently in pretty bad shape, its best to look backward to see how those that did it right, did it.

How about getting to know all just by seeing a thrilling movie. Yes, history can be boring if you are not one that innately loves reading. Imoh Umoren’s screen adaptation of Herbert Macauley is your easy way out in this case.

Let’s forget the fact that the movie is about an icon in the history of Nigeria. You can simply see it as an outlook into the life of one who is described as “ultra-radical, intensely nationalistic and virulently anti-white” (This is Obafemi Awolowo speaking).

One thing is characteristic of Herbert – the Mustache. Great job to the cast, as William Benson seamless depicts the person of Herbert to detail. The movie also features a progeny of Herbert Macaulay himself, Wale Macaulay, alongside others like Kelechi Udegbe, Martha Ehinome Orhiere, Saidi Balogun and Duke Elvis.


The Herbert Macaulay Affair

To find out more about the movie, we reached out to the Director and creator, Imoh Umoren. The movie is going to last for 90 mins.

Here is the synopsis of the Period Drama:

“The Herbert Macaulay affair is a story that follows young Herbert who returns from England and begins the opposition to the colonial government. In 1988, Herbert is done with his scholarship training and becomes the first Engineer and Surveyor in the colony. Upon his return, he is employed by the colonial government in Lagos. He faces a lot of discrimination and had to see it being done to other Lagosians, as well.

Annoyed by the constant marginalization, Herbert quits his job with the colonial government and starts a long opposition to them. He meets a beautiful woman Caroline Pratt who falls madly in love with and unfortunately loses her to death while birthing a child. Herbert is left devastated and when he emerges from that tragedy and darkness, he delves more into the fight for independence.

The film is a catalog of historical events, some of which involved him going to England to represent the Oba f Lagos, in spite of the plot by the colonial government to stop it from happening.“

More about the movie

The movie is an adaptation of historical events, polished and embellished with intrigues and suspense that characterize millennial movies. There are lots of car chases, schemes, nationalism, and family. All these are seamlessly combined to deliver a 90 minutes masterpiece.

The main actor, William Benson is not a novice in delivering astounding performance on the big screen. He is well known for his role as General Ape in “Ajoche” (haven’t seen this movie? You should!).

What stands out in this movie is not only the Oscar-Winning performance of William. The Grammy-winning rendition of Chidinma. The official soundtrack of the movie released on the 10th of October sees Chidinma nail “Nobody’s foul.” There is a lot of power put into this movie.

No amount of word will perfectly expound on what viewers are set to experience on the 25th of October. “The Herbert Macaulay Affair will be in cinemas nationwide on the 25th of October, and it is a must-watch for you.

Nollywood movies are surely taking a bolder step to ensure that screen time is worth every penny paid.



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