Will “The Enemy I Know” (featuring Naira Marley) be worth your watch? | Watch Trailer

Regina Daniels - The enemy I know

Beware! Your enemy might just be right around the corner. What makes ‘enemies’ dangerous most times is because we don’t know them. They can suddenly pop out from anywhere and harm you. But, have you ever imagined and thought of how you will deal with someone you actually know is your enemy? Well, that’s an outlook we will be getting from Regina Daniel’s “The Enemy I know.”

Regina Daniels and Mother, Rita Daniels teamed up to deliver an astonishing cinematic experience. They are aided by the directing expertise of Ozoemena Nwakile. The movie-making prowess of this trio brought to set some amazing characters. These include; Broda Shaggi, Naira Marley, Desmond Elliot, Sola Sobowale, Jide Kosoko, and many others.

There are so many high points about “The enemy I know,” especially with the superstars brought to set. Sola Sobowale under the direction of Kemi Adetiba made a stunning come back to limelight with “King of Boys.” It was a success, a movie that depicted just how 21st-century movies should be made.

Naira Marley, a popular pop artiste suffered in the hands of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFFC), following a release of his song, “Am I a yahoo boy?” Just days after his release, he was called upon to feature as a special cameo in the movie.

Broda Shaggi, a Popular Instagram comedy skit creator who has since 2018 made headlines and remained in the mainstream of Nigeria’s entertainment, is also set to feature. Bringing his characteristic “hit me” personality to the big screen, and it is surely worth the watch.

There are numerous top Nollywood actors featured in the movie, and it is only right that we have high hope for the movie.

Truth be told, Nollywood is still evolving, passionately working to get better. You will agree that many would prefer to see Hollywood cinema movies than made-in-Nigeria movies (Do you know that “Terminator 6” is here?). Quality of content has been the major cause of these over years (on the part of the makers), but that narrative is changing.

In fact, it is safe to say it has changed, and “the Enemy I Know” is testimonial to that.

“The enemy I know” is really a must-watch, and come October 11th, a Cinema near you is where you should be!

Speculations will always be around Nollywood, at least for the time being. However, in a bid to know if the movie is really going to worth your time, we got into an exclusive interview with the movie director, “Ozoemena Nwakile.” At the end of the interview, we were able to conclude that it will surely be worth your time and money.

According to the director, the movie is all about suspense, and viewers are bound to get loads of that when the movie screens. The simple story behind the movie is “a wealthy family with lots of skeleton in the cupboards.” The movie is all about a rich family that was left in a battle over the inheritance, once billionaire Anthony Adewale died.

“You can be sure of even more suspense-filled moments in the movie. Right from scripting, and especially during the making, a lot of effort was put into overcoming various challenges, and I’m glad we triumphed” Said the Director in the exclusive interview. According to Rita Daniels, the make of the movie cost about N150million, which the makers know it was worth it.

According to the director, the movie is going to hit the cinemas nationwide on the 11th of October, while it will transcend the shores of the nation on a date yet announced.

“The enemy I know” stars; Broda Shaggi, Jide Kosoko, Sola Sobowale, Ken Erics, Tana Adelana, Naira Marley, Desmond Elliot, Woli Arole and others.

We at BlackPen await October 11th, do you?


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