Samsung Galaxy S11: Everything we know and don’t know!

Did you think Samsung Galaxy S10 was the bomb? Then, you need to see the Samsung Galaxy S11 (the name is not certain yet). Some months back, Samsung made the release of the Galaxy, but we are all set for 2020. Rumors are already here for the S11, and I just love it.

I’m all drooling, maybe cos I’m a Samsung fan, but this concept pictures surely depict the phone as a thing of beauty. Most of what we know now is all about the designs and camera. As it stands, the cameras on the iPhone 11 seem to be the bomb. Also, Google’s Pixel 4 is on its way. But, does that mean that Samsung lost in the fight of cameras? I don’t think so.

Let’s take a dive into what we know about the phone (and don’t know).

Samsung Galaxy S11; The Camera

As per camera, Samsung Galaxy S11 may feature a new patent the company secured recently. A smartphone-mounted spectrometer could be a major aspect of the camera. The camera is also rumored to be coming with a 108MP camera sensor, coupled with a 5x optical zoom. The 108MP sensor has been designed by Samsung in partnership with Xiaomi (Xiaomi used it first, I’m sure Samsung will use it better. lol).


Sensors and Processors

The in-screen fingerprint sensor on the S11 is going to be bigger than that in the S10. With this, efficiency is bound to increase (unlike the one on my Galaxy A50 – which might require to try three times. Most times anyway, the facial unlock does the trick).

The device is also rumored to feature the Snapdragon 865 from Qualcomm.


Samsung Galaxy S11; Pricing

The release date we know so far is next year (of course). The device will be launched in February, and up for sale in March. The price is one of the many things we still don’t know. Just as the iPhone had done, the price may not vary too much from the prices of the Galaxy S10.

One factor that might, however, affect the price is 5G, we can’t be too sure how that will influence it. It may eventually not affect the price.


The Screen (the fragile screen)

Ok, in past times, we have seen different screen sizes in flagship phones, but the S11 offers a full-screen. It is safe to say it has a 100% screen to body ratio. You might wonder where the front-facing camera will be. Well, reports have it that Samsung and some other companies are working on making a full-screen phone, that has the camera hidden under the screen. This may be what we get with the Samsung Galaxy S11.

There had been leaks that Samsung will be betting big on its camera in the next flagship phones, and we only have to wait to analyze the tech that will be packed in the S11.


USB and Earphone Jack

The USB port is another part to note, and Samsung has decided to go exclusively with the USB C. Furthermore, there is no headphone jack on the S11. So, it is either you make use of the wireless earbuds or make use of the dongle in the box. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus does not have the headphone jack.

The name of the Galaxy line might change with this 2020 phone. We only call it Samsung Galaxy S11, because it’s in line with the branding. But Samsung is considering a change, to something like Samsung Galaxy One (this is still an unconfirmed rumor).


Samsung Galaxy S11; What we want

If Samsung were to leave feature selection to consumers, we would require that the S11 does;

  • not have a notch. Let the camera be behind the screen
  • to take better pictures in low light. Google nailed this, you can do it too Samsung!
  • have improved efficiency with gestures. iPhone nailed this even with the “XS”
  • forget about the curved screen, we have had enough of mistaken touches.

2020 is here folks, its the festival of phones. Lol.


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