MONDAY’S MATRIX: The Simplest Questions about iPhone, Samsung and Microsoft!

Monday's Matrix
Good luck Fam!

Welcome to Monday’s Matrix, original weekly reasoning, with love from us at All questions asked in this category are all going to be no-brainers (like, you don’t have to be a whiz kid to answer them). In fact, all the answers are on the most recent posts on the blog’s homepage – you can always go to check out the answers in those posts. 

Fix the answer from the first into the second question, so that it makes sense, then you answer the second question. Then, go ahead to fix the answer of the second into the third (so that it makes sense), then go ahead to answer the third. Drop the third answer in the comment section. Have fun.

By the way, drop your number after your answer, we would reach out to you once you win!


Question 1

  • When Apple announced and launched the iPhone 11, we wrote about why you shouldn’t get it. Many factors were disappointing, except for one. Which is?

Question 2

  • We wished Samsung Galaxy S11 could boast of this factor, on which we know we will be getting a _______ screen to body ratio.

Question 3

  • Samsung is the first to achieve this. But at Bill Gate’s company, other than the foldable phones, of recent, they made __________

The deadline is 6 pm (October 7th, 2019).


Update: We already have a winner, but you can also play to enjoy and actually know more stuff about iPhone, Microsoft, and Samsung. Love you guys!

Our winners got 1k airtime each (We picked the teo right answers for the win today). See you next week.

Don’t forget to share with your friends, make them a winner too (we might increase the number of winners from 1 to 2 – who knows).



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