Microsoft Surface Duo is a foldable Android phone too | Have a look

Samsung somewhat opened the floor for foldable Android phones, and Huawei followed suit at some point. It looks as though Microsoft made a similar move, but words from a Microsoft’s Chief Product Manager debunked that. We will get to this later.

This week, Microsoft released the Surface Duo that has been rumored for years. However, unlike what you might expect, this device does not run the Microsoft Windows OS (for mobile). It runs Google’s Android system. To me, this is a smart move, as the Windows Mobile OS was a total failure. If the company is going to gain any ground in the mobile industry, then it is only advisable they stick to the Android OS that has become ubiquitous.


Earlier this week too, Microsoft made the release of the Microsoft Neo, which is somewhat like a laptop with two screens. The Microsoft Duo is a smaller version of Neo, and it is meant to be a mobile phone. Microsoft Neo runs on Windows 10X.

Left: Duo… Right: Neo.

This foldable phone has a 5.6-inch display on each screen, and when folded out, you get an 8.3-inch screen. One cool thing about this device is how slim it is, just 4.88m thick. it has a 360-degree hinge, which is really cool too (unlike the 180 degrees of the Samsung Galaxy Fold). According to Microsoft, there is more commitment to dual-screen phones as people can get things done, right there on the go.

I love it already

At a glance, it looks just like a tablet, but it is indeed a phone. It is actually smaller than seen in pictures, and you can slip it into your pocket. The only debate that we are faced with, is if this device is a phone or a tablet, or a ‘phablet.”

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When asked about this, the Chief Product Officer of Microsoft, Panos Panay, said the category is yet finalized, but putting it in either of the aforementioned is only going to limit the capabilities of the device. Let’s just say this is a smart device for now.

Like a mother carrying her child, Product Manager Panay

This device was concluded to run on Android because it is basically the OS used by everyone not using Apple’s iOS (I doubt the number of people using the Huawei Harmony OS). So, if Android is still going to remain in the mainstream of mobile for God-knows-when, it is only wise that the phone-replacing device is compatible and able to run all the apps needed.

When it comes to software, there is so much still to be done. Apps that need to be modified to ensure compatibility. But with this device, your Android experience can even be better. On this device, you can drag and drop content, With XCloud, you can also have a game running on one of the screens, while the controller for the game is displayed on the other.

According to Panay, the only reason why the display screen is different from that of Samsung is that “the continuous plastic screen technology on mobile phones is not yet perfect.” This is somewhat true, post-launch and release, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has suffered many backlashes and need for redesign, as it isn’t durable. But, I think the Microsoft duo will be when it finally launches in 2020.

Next year is almost here

A few changes might also come to the hardware, especially with the Snapdragon 855 processor being upgraded to the Qualcomm processor next year. Also know that there is no camera on the outer part. The camera is only located on the screen, and when you want to take a picture, you simply fold the device.

More details on this device will hit us soon, as this is how far as we know about the device.


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