iOS 13.2 is here, and the 12 new emojis are what we actually love!

iOS 13

You have heard so much about what the iOS 13 has to offer, and if not, read here. But the iOS 13.2 has something every internet user certainly loves, emojis. The new iOS update enjoys about 12 new emojis that are really dope. Of these, you may find some unnecessary, while some are bound to help you with conveying messages you probably haven’t been able to convey perfectly in time past.

Goggles and Snorkel: Do you want to tell someone that you will be hiding for a while, this might help you do the trick.

Oysters: This ‘nur make sense’ but okay. I’m sure you will find some use for this beautiful oyster, which I don’t think is meant to be eaten.

Kneel: I think this was long overdue, unlike the “sorry” emoji we used to have, this is perfect for those who are being bashed by their partners. Or, your mum is fuming, and you just have to get your next allowance, you need to go on your knees, even before she says so.

Butter: When someone gives you bread, use this butter to enjoy your lunch. Thank me later.

Pinch: Are you chatting with your boyfriend, and you perceive he is already asleep, pinching him may do the trick, or not. Anyways, you can now pictorially pinch someone.

Sloth: This looks so cute right? Don’t be shocked that the underlying meaning may scream sex when you take a closer look. That’s the face ladies make especially when he is single. This video proves the point.


“Hey babe, can you come to see me now?”

“Oh, I’m sorry babe, I’m having night reading, and buses will soon stop moving”

“My parents traveled today”

Juice box: Do you think someone needs to chillax, give him this cold juice box, and watch him become as sweet as Apple.

Ginger: Are you looking to build anticipation in someone? Then this is the right emoji to do the trick.

Blood drop: Okay, ladies that don’t want to explicitly state that they are on the monthly period, this is the emoji to save you from trying to explain to insensitive men!

Chair: You want to talk (chat) to someone and you need him to settle down to hear you out? Why not offer him a chair?!

Axe: Are you trying to cut off a conversation with someone and you don’t care what they think of you? Get the axe, and cut them off, now!

iPhone 11 might not have offered us features to drool about (except the three-eyed cameras), but the iOS 13 is actually worth the hype it has gotten. Thank you Apple, see you next year, I think!



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