Yhemo_lee has something to say about ladies and acquiring iPhone 11 Pro 不

After the long-awaited iPhone 11 line up has been announced at the Apple event, all that we await is the announcement of the phone being out for sale. The iPhone 11 line up failed to impress me, but I think I finally found something that revolves around it that impresses me. In one of his serial video, Yhemo_lee, an Instagram content creator shared his view (comically) about ladies and acquiring the iPhone 11 Pro.

Fost of fost, news reaching me is that iPhone 11 and 11 Pro is out色 Uncle Margaret began, while being under the duvet. Yhemo_lee, as he is fondly called, was not explicit in delivering his view, but if you are Nigerian, you should grab what he is saying.

His opinion doesnt hold true for all ladies (and guys), but it just might hold true for some. The iPhone 11 didnt live up to the expectation from the hype it got, maybe the 2020 iPhones will. The iPhone 11 line up features good cameras, OLED display, water resistance, amongst other features, but all these are already featured on Android phones (in fact, more than a year before now).

If nothing makes me smile about the iPhone 11, this video does.


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