UK’s Prime Minister gets roasted in Public, and I think it can never happen in Nigeria

...this cannot happen in Nigeria

Borris Johnson

Boris Johnson, since election as the Prime Minister of United Kingdom has been a talk for the internet, just like Donald Trump. This is mainly cos of his bad hair, and of course, he is the Prime Minister of UK (expected to lead the country out of Brexit).

Borris Johnson

BBC tweeted today, while they were interviewing the PM, a man had openly queried the PM, “what are you doing in Morley, you should be in Brussels”

Going forward, I must say, this can never happen in our beloved Nigeria. The heavily guarded politicians, the paid-off supporters and all, no one dares blabs the truth in the face of the nation’s leaders. Not openly (if it ever happens)

But, here we have it, a citizen arguing passionately with the Prime Minister Johnson, asking why he is not at work, but frolicking around.

The other piece from the video is that, the Prime Minister wasn’t playing dumb or asking him to be shut up, he actually listened and responded (he stuttered though).

The man in question publicly accused the Prime Minister of playing games with the country. “You are playing games with the public, what can you say about this.”

This, I think points towards purposeful leadership, May retired and Johnson took over, to ensure that Brexit is done. The nation hasn’t witnessed much of an improvement, and they spoke out. They had issues and were able to speak out, to the leader’s face. This is something that can never happen in Nigeria, I think.

In another clip, another man was even spotted telling the Prime Minister to “please leave my town”. The man had come to shake the Prime Minister, told him that, while the PM smiled and said, “I will”.

This, to me is the peak of democracy, one I think will take Nigeria ages to achieve. What’s your take on this?



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