Tesla Electric Car Vs. Toyota combustion engine. Here is the winner of the drag race!

In a video by CarWow’s Mat Watson, the Tesla Model 3 (All electeic of course) was put to test with the Toyota Supra, alongside the Audi e tron and the Jaguar iPace. Speed, acceleration and brakes were tested, and the winner is…

Well, the audi has a 95kwh battery, but weighs over 5000 pounds, while the Tesla has a 75kwh battery, and weighs slightly over 3600 pounds. The Toyota supra is the only gas-powered vehicle in the line up. The Jaguar iPace has a 90kwh battery and weighs about 4400 pounds.

It was a sweet race over the quarter mile distance. The cars did really well, but it proves why we need electric cars now. I guess the boast of Elon Musk and the roasting of other cars are warranted, his machine was awesome on the tracks.

See for yourself.


Feel the cars



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