Porsche launches its first electric car, and Elon Musk couldn’t help but take a diss on it!

I want an electric car already! A few days ago, precisely on Wednesday, Porsche – luxury carmaker, launched its all-electric car. The electric vehicle, named Taycan comes in two versions, the Taycan Turbo and the Taycan Turbo S. This is a significant boost to the electric car technology that has greeted the world in recent years, mainly thanks to strides by Tesla.

Electric cars are fast becoming a thing, of course, not yet in Nigeria. Different car companies are diving into the market that is still dominated by Tesla, making lithium powered autos. Tesla has stuck with simple names like S, 3, X, and Y, which Elon think is very cool. But he has something to say about how other companies name their vehicles.

Following the release of the Porsche Taycan models, Elon released a tweet, dissing at the model name of the car.  “Turbo.” That’s the problem Elon found with the naming, and it is understandable.

Turbo, as we know, is used to refer to an add-on system which makes use of the recycled exhaust gas to give the car an extra performance.

However, as we know, electric cars don’t have a combustion system. Hence, there are no exhaust gases, so, the word Turbo in an electric vehicle seems somehow (if we are to consider the meaning and origin of the word.

We can’t blame Porsche anyway; the name sounds fancy, “Turbo.” Probably they caught a fancy in the name and decided to use it for their vehicles, which are designed to go from 0 to 60mph in 3 seconds. Whichever way, the car is not a turbocharged engine.

You might wonder, “What’s Musk concern with this?” Well, when it comes to all-electric cars, I think the whole world still looks up to him and what he has to say. Just as we look up to Netflix for movie streaming (Even though they aren’t the only players in the industry).


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