Microsoft made Music! Programmers sing in the Microsoft Musical Performance

microsoft musical performance
Programmers aren't boring...repeat after me

Who could have thought that we would be seeing a musical performance from Microsoft? I guess we should expect one from Google, Facebook, Apple and even Amazon (Amazon is more likely to do that anyway). The thing is, in a bid to document and do a quick rundown of how far Microsoft has come over the past20 years, a musical was birthed.

I never thought the music could be enjoyable, neither did I think programmers, developers, product managers and every other person involved in making tech stuff, would gather round to make music. Trust me, the lyrics were on point, and the melody was well delivered (if they were the ones that did the actual studio recording). One thing is sure though, programmers made the performance.

A group of over 150 interns and some other employees, over the course of 8 weeks made “Microsoft the musical.” Which is a tribute to how far the company has come, curtly speaking about the various successes and failures of the company. It talked about how they became a household name, built by a young Bill Gates with eye problems. Talked about how they tried making a phone but failed. If you know much about Microsoft, relating to the musical would be easier. But, if you don’t know anything about the company, this should keep you in the loop.

By the way, God bless the director of the musical, making the most out of ‘boring’ Tech guys. This is proof that everyone sitting behind the computer daily can also be so much fun.


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