Just in case your day started out bad, this crazy black guy will make it. | We got you the perfect song too

Blacks are the best, the very best. There is that notch to craziness and fun that will only be found with blacks. Imagine being on a train or bus, everywhere serene and people minding their businesses, and someone suddenly shouts. Don’t sweat it, you will be startled. That’s exactly what happened in this video.

In a bus somewhere we can’t ascertain, one black guy made us proud. We have to be fun everywhere we are, and the guy wasn’t having the silence in the bus.

In the video, he is seen bursting into a shout or song, and it took me few seconds to figure out the song he was trying to sing. Lol. Right there in the middle of the deadsilent bus, the guy was trying to sing “Chandelier” by Sia.

The reaction of the people in the bus is legendary. Can you see the expression on the face of the old man beside him? Can you see that unbothered woman? Can you see the woman that jumped off her seat, lost in the moment? I’m sure you are laughing already.

Like they say, happiness is free, and to further brighten your day, here is the original song by Sia. Listen and enjoy. Peace out!

Chandelier – Sia

Stream Chandelier – Sia the new song from Djay_Amazin. Featuring: The ChainSmokers ,Sia , kiiara ,Dj Snake , Major Lazer ,Bruno Mars , Aminé. Album: #HoodsFavoriteDj. Added on: Dec 25th, 2016.


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