Facebook Dating service can help you with your secret crush. 8 things you need to know!

Facebook dating service is live…only in the US for now (and other countries it was previously launched) But there are some things you need to know before it gets to Nigeria.

Over the past year, Facebook announced the intent to launch a dating service on the platform, inspite of the privacy issues it had faced. I guess there is no stopping Mark in taking over the social space. With Instagram taking over and even cloning features of Snapchat, Facebook is set to give Tinder a run for its money.

Remember, all Facebook products (original and bought) now carry the name “”Product” from Facebook.” This was established in a recent announcement too.

For the Facebook dating service, the intent is simple; to help you get your life partner. I guess this is a way forward for introverts, bloggers, programmers and just about any other person that hardly leaves home. If you are one that wishes to explore too, this service is for you. But, who still uses Facebook in Nigeria? Could this service actually rekindle Nigerian’s interest in the app? We’d have to find out when it launches in Nigeria.

8 things to know about Facebook Dating Service

1. Set up a new profile:

To use the Facebook dating service, you will need to set up a new profile. To do this, you need to have the latest version of the Facebook app and must be above 18 years og age. The new profile you are setting up is totally different from your normal Facebook profile.

2. You are linked to Preferences:

Once your profile is successfully set up, you are linked to new people, based on your preferences, interests and what you do on the Facebook app.

With this service, you are linked to people that are friends of your friends and are completely out of your network. People you never nor will ever know from Adams. This was previously explained by Facebook as a move to make sure you are free to explore.

3. There is “Secret crush”:

I’m sure you know some people are secretly crushing on you. At worst, there are people you crush on. On the Facebook dating service, you wouldn’t receive the suggestion of your friends, except if you enable the “Secret crush” feature. Here is how Facebook can help you date your secret crush. Though the cases are limited, but its still cool. You will agree that there is a possibility that the person you are crushing on, is also crushing on you  and none of you are talking. Secret crush has a solution for that.

Normally, Facebook dating will not allow you choose your friends, but secret crush will enable you pick nine friends you are crushing on. Then, when done, you will see their profile. If they are crushing on you too, they will most likely do the same on their end. Right? When you both unknowingly add eaxh other to your list, Facebook will then notify the both of you.

A round of applause for Facebook. The notification tells you both that you have a crush on each other. Hence, your blissful love story can begin.

4. Facebook dating has “privacy”:

Facebook for so long now has been in the middle of privacy query, but the company says “Security, privacy and safety are at the forefront of this product.” Let’s believe that, though there is a detailed announcement by the company here.

5. Name and Age on display:

From your current Facebook profile, the only details that will be used in the creation of a Facebook dating Profile are Age and Name. So, don’t think you can change your age if you are not up to 18. The service is strictly 18+.

6. Seperate from Facebook profile:

According to Facebook, every of your activity on the Facebook Dating Service will never reflect on your normal Facebook Profile. This is possible, the profiles are handled by algorithms, hence, no mistake can be made. So, there is no risk of having your Facebook dating activity showing on your newsfeed. Never!

7. Tell your friends about a date you have:

Having met someone on Facebook, and you guys want to have a date. In a bid for you to feel safe, you will want to tell someone about it (which I strongly advice you always do). On the Facebook dating service, you can share the details of your set date with your trusted friend via Facebook Messenger. So, if anything goes wrong, someone knows where you are.

8. It is integrated to both Facebook and Instagram:

The Facebook dating service is integrated to both Facebook and Instagram, and you can even add Instagram fellows to your “Secret crush.” Soon, you can add both IG and FB stories to your dating profile.

Facebook dating service seems awesome if you ask me. Let’s hope cyber criminals don’t take advantage of it to enact dubious activities, which might lead to a ban in Nigeria. Remember, if you aren’t 18 years old or more, this app is not for you.

The service was previously available in a list of countries, devoid of African countries. The service also has a planned launch in Europe for early 2020, while there is no set date for launch in Africa. My prediction? We’d be getting it immediately after Europe does.



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