“Empire” Season 6 (finale) set to air. Will Jamal be in the final season?

The Fox TV special, “Empire” is coming back for the final season. If you are a fan of the series like me, one question begs for an answer, “Will Jamal be coming back?.”

It had a beginning, it is sure to have an end, and this end has been confirmed by our favorite star, Cooky Lyon. One thing cooky wants you to know about the final season of Empire is that, “It’s going to be crazy.” Power is a theme that has left TV shows fans in suspense, everyone wants to know what happens next. This is one thing Empire has successfully incorporated into the Musical TV series.

It all started with Music but tended towards Power and leadership of Empire Records. Can Lucious hold on to his power? The artwork for the final season, as seen on Cooky’s (Taraji Henson) states, “Rule to the End.” If this doesn’t give you chills, you have probably not been following Empire, and you need to right now, cos it’s soon gonna get messy on air.

According to Taraji, the final season will premiere on the 24th of September, right there on Fox 9pm ET (25th September, 2am, Nigerian Time).

The official twitter page of the series has announced that it will be coming back for a final season since April, but Taraji has helped confirm the date.

Subsequent to the April announcement, the Empire stars, Cooky, Lucious, Andre, Hakeem, and others signed a petition that Jamal be brought back for the final season. Actually, it’s very hard to imagine an Empire episode without Jamal, talk-less of the whole final season.

“Jamal (Jussies Smollet) will not be coming back for the final season. This was emphatically tweeted by the Co-creator of the show, Lee Daniels. Get over it fam, Jamal will not be coming back.

But, how will this be logically explained in the final season? That’s a big question that there is an answer to, “He and his wife decided to stay away from the family business, hence, they will be staying in London, and not return to the Empire family.”

Towards the end of Season 5, in the light of the various criminal charges laid at the feet of Jussie Smollet, a twist was added, which was a way for the star to either return or not. The honeymoon meant for Jamal and his partner, Kai, will be a permanent one. The couple is said to want to be happy, and that would require them to keep a distance from Cooky, Lucious and the other members of the family. The Lyon family drama is too much for Jamal, and he just wants to live a happy life.

This explanation from the creators seems reasonable. Jamal had always been portrayed as one who is just all about the music and nothing more. So, “Jamal and Kai have decided to stay in London.”

Empire as a show started since 2015, and the run will be ending with the 6th season set to debut on 24th of this month. As said earlier, twist here and there in the series, and the tussle of power has been great. How is it going down this season? Get some hint with this teaser!

And if you have forgotten much about the series, and you are weary of seeing it over again, these should help strike some memory.



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