This DSTV Step Up Boost Advert is the best I’ve seen in a long time | It really got the job done!

Marketing is an important part of a brand, company or business. Offers, products and services are being rubbed in the face of the audience, daily. Many brands and companies get it right, while others are just a total no-no. This DSTV Step Up Boost advert certainly made them get it right (with me, at least).

The advert was all about a DSTV package, “Step Up Boost.” As a DSTV user, you just need to step up the package you are currently on, then you get boosted to a higher one, for free.

So, if you are currently on DSTV Access subscription package, you just need to “Step Up” to DSTV Family Package, then you get boosted to the DSTV Compact package. This is good deal, yeah? Nevertheless, the goal is obvious, right? DSTV is a go-to company if you want to enjoy so much more in the Nigerian Digital Space (though some channels are utterly useless). Of course, Terms and Conditions apply for the DSTV step up boost.

What I liked about the advert is the animation it is. Reminds me of Malika warrior animation by anthill studios and Youneek Studios.

The ad started with a big headed guy getting a package and he suddenly opened it. What if there was a bomb there in. And who noticed that the rocket size was actually bigger than the package box. It leaves you to wonder how it fit. Well, its all animation.

I think the explanation below makes sense.

But, here is the explanation that is left untold. The guy got the package. He opened it, he saw the rocket (he had opted for the boosted scheme). He activates the higher plan he opted for (which is the normal size rocket in the box). Then he got boosted, hence the rocket got bigger.

Trust his neighbor not to dull himself, hanging on to enjoy the ride. I think those are neighbors that wouldn’t subscribe but will always stick in the  house of those that did. Lol.

The advert got my attention, because it was short, out of the ordinary and it perfectly got the job done.

Note: The service is only open to DSTV access, family and Compact users. And the package has been around for a while, you might want to upgrade fast, offer is limited!


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