3 Features of the Google Pixel 4 that makes it worth dumping your old phone for!

Google aint joking with the Pixel

We have seen Google’s own Pixel boast big on the cameras, since the launch in fourth quarter of 2016. There have been various models since then, Pixel 2, XL etc, but the latest is the Pixel 4. Leaks can be ruled out in the Tech world (if they are leaks in its real sense). Latest reports on the Google Pixel 4 claim some features are set to cause a “storm” in the mobile world.

The Pixel 4 surely fields the awesome features packed in the Android 10. But there are some features of this device that makes us think “it is worth dumping your old phone for.”


3 features that are worth noting in the Google Pixel 4 

1. Badass Cameras: Imagine an 8× zoom camera! The Google Pixel 4 is going to feature a dual rear camera – the 12mp lens and the 16mp lens. This MPs seem ordinary, many other devices have higher resolutions and MPs. The capabilities of these cameras are what are awesome, not the figures.

The camera offer 8x zoom and a brand-new motion-mode.

With the motion mode being the uniqueness the camera has to offer, you just need to know how it works. With the Motion Mode, you will be able to effectively capture sports and action. During this capture, moving objects will be in the foreground, while the background will be blurred. This is similar to what you will get in the mirrorless camera. This effect is awesomely cool, helping you film like a boss. A fair amount of machine learning and AI is assembled to create this effect.

What we have known for this type of effect so far is the portrait mode that is now found in every tom dick and harry mobile phone (you will love the effect on an iPhone 7plus). This new effect makes Google Pixel stand out.

The 8x zoom combines the optical zoom and Google’s Super Res Zoom, which is found in the recent Pixels. The Huawei P30 pro has a periscope style lens setup, but it can only achieve a 5x zoom. Google pixel bossed other phones here too.


2. Outstanding Google Assistant: Forget the Google assistant on your phone, Pixel 4’s assistant can help you receive call while on hold. Here is how it works; when you are on a business call and you end up on hold with music playing in the background, report has it that you will be able to tap a button on display. This will let the google assistant know your call is on hold. When this is done, you can go on to focus on other things. When there is someone back on the other end of the call, the assistant tells you.

It isn’t so clear how it works yet, hence, there is likely to be some changed and more news before launch.


3. Android 10: If not for anything, the fact that this device and some others (already) features Androd 10 is enough reason to ditch your old phone. On the Android Pie, there are cool features, but Android 10 is way better. So many features to the android 10, complete dark mode, focus mode, quicker access to setting, smart replies, amongst others.

Pixel 4 is indeed a good one, one worth every penny it costs. Thumbs up to Google who entered the smartphone market 3 years ago and is already making a legendary stand. They own the android OS, they are sure to make the most of it.


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