This 91 years old grandmother breaks 400 meter dash world record

Ok, I’m gonna hit the gym tomorrow! For real, this 91 years old woman just made me feel bad about myself.

Diane Hoffman is 91 years of age, and she is an inspiration. At her old age, Hoffman took part in the USATF New England Open & Masters Championship in Worcester, Massachusetts, this past weekend. At this race, she shattered records of people in her age group, for the 400 meters dash.

Guys, this 91-year-old woman from Massachusetts, Diane Hoffman, gets up every morning and jumps on the trampoline and now owns the WORLD record in her age group for the 400 meter dash and the U.S. record for the 200 and 100 meter dashes.

Life goals.

— Liam Martin (@LiamWBZ) July 30, 2019

When she was done with her race, you know what came out of her mouth? “I’m ready to croak” (Croak is the sound frogs make. But in this case, the urban usage of the word means “die”). Yes, she was ready to die, she said jokingly.

She claims to be so happy for herself and her family. The following day after she broke the record, she clocked 92. One other achievement of this aged woman that amazes me is that she started playing tennis when she was 42, and she still plays it four times a week, till now.

According to her, her son had advised her to run when they were out walking one day, and she was walking way faster than he was. She thought it was a great idea, and boom! she shattered the world record. Nice one champ.

In an interview she revealed that before the race started, someone had advised her to run as though cops were on her tail, chasing her, “and I did, I told myself, the cops are chasing me”. There is so much to learn from the physical lifestyle of this woman, watch this video. By the way, do you think you can be this agile at even 70 years (remember, Nigeria is real).

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