India will build the first hyperloop transportation system in the world…..most likely

I have been waiting for the birthing of the hyperloop since I’ve heard of it, and now I’m delighted that India is taking a step in that direction. If you want to know how much of a hyperloop fan I am, check my laptop’s wallpaper.

About five years ago, Elon Musk put forward a 60 pages white paper to introduce the world to a new transport system – the hyperloop. You should know Musk by now, he doesn’t deal in the present. It seemed to be straight out of a sci-fi movie, but India is actually legalizing the transport system (surprisingly).

With the hyperloop, travel can go as fast 600 miles per hour. Isn’t that crazy. Imagine getting to Borno state in less than an hour. In India, the lawmakers actually passed the hyperloop project as a “public infrastructure project.” This simply categorizes the hyperloop in the same class with pipe-borne water, or road transport system. Hence, once you have approval, start building the hyperloop. Great country, now I love India (my first international holiday might be over there)

In India, the hyperloop process will start with a 93 mile stretch between Mumbai and Pune. The authorities in Pune will begin the procurement process in the middle of this month. Many companies are currently in the bid to start the first hyperloop project in the world, however, Virgin Hyperloop One is the one that gets the honor.
Virgin Hyperloop IndiaPod
According to Virgin Hyperloop One, a total of 200 million persons is estimated to be transported each year, just between Pune and Mumbai. The journey between these cities normally takes about three hours. However, with the hyperloop, you will most likely spend just 35 minutes. This is faster than electric trains.

The company hopes that the project should be approved for execution by the end of the year, as it gathers $500million funding from DP world. This money is aimed at the completion of phase one, which would get the hyperloop acknowledged for passenger transportation (I really want part of the first set of passengers that board the hyperloop). There is so much work to be done if the system will be up and running by 2024, as stated in the proposal. Once this works out in Mumbai, the sci-fi future of transportation is here. The world will no longer be scared of testing out new transport systems.

Imagine the primary school days when all the transport systems we could state were; road, sea, air, and rail. Now, we have the hyperloop baby!

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