Imagine the beauty, comfort and relief in the possibility of being able to buy anything you want or need even though you are out of cash or just broke, the comfort this will bring cannot be overemphasized, besides being broke there are so many others reasons anyone could want to be able to buy that phone, shoe, food, electronics or anything and shop later, which might be inability to access cash or out of fund. With Guddies Planet, this is not just a wish or desire anymore but a possibility with assurance.

    Guddies Planet has been the choice of many Nigerian students in recent time when it comes to getting their basic needs with ease.

    The Nigeria’s number 1 students’ mall recently launched a shopping feature that enables shoppers to BUY anything from #1000 to #200,000 and pay later.

    As stated by the brand’s Sales Manager Ayobami Adebayo the motive of the Shop and Pay Later is to further and continually support and improve the lives of every Nigerians, especially students.

    The world is becoming a global village, and the Internet is taking over in services delivery and Nigeria as Africa’s Giant must move along with this global trend, online shopping mall is undoubtedly the fastest, safest, most convenient and the smartest way to shop especially with Guddies Planet, our customers enjoy a quality and friendly services from pay on delivery, fastest delivery and cheapest delivery fee ever, with Guddies Planet you only pay after seeing and receiving your Guddies he added confidently.

    Our services are exceptional and students friendly, with delivery fee as low as #100 and delivery as fast as 15 minutes – 24 hours and 72 hours at max.

    He further added why Guddies Planet is so keen about Sourcing, Exhibiting and Distributing the basic and most essential needs of all Nigerian students, Guddies Planet as an online shopping mall for all Nigerian students in over 200 institutions of over 20 million populations, our vision is to help all Nigerian students study with ease and convenience by providing and bringing to their doorsteps their basic daily needs.

    What could be more beautiful about you shopping as a student like sitting back in your hostel and surf around on that same spot with your phone accessing diverse products and then shop for it instantly while it’s being delivered to you right in your hostel without you stressing yourself and exhausting your time and energy. Online shopping saves more time, more money and more energy.

    The website boast of students most essential and basic needs, ranging from books, food and beverages, gadgets, clothes, electronics, foot wears, kitchen utensils, stationery and many more.

    As reliable as the platform is there are some unusual products like smoked fish, peppers, brooms, garri, beans and many more, which are products students can’t do without.

    He added that Guddies Planet understands and knows what students need are, we provide what students needs, not what we just want to sell. Also on our mission list is promoting locally made products and encouraging youths to be more creative and innovative.

    Furthermore, he added students’ traders and general traders and manufacturers can also place their products on the platform, while also noted the Brand is launching a product banking system that enables students entrepreneurs keep and sells their items with Guddies Planet which will enable them to focus on their studies and make their money with ease and convenience.

    Currently the mall operates in some Nigeria’s major institutions and still reaching out to more.

    In conclusion, he added that Guddies Planet is currently recruiting campus representatives and ambassadors, interested individuals can apply via this link –, with provisions and benefits such as, accommodation, feeding, wages, allowances, certification, training, exposure and tech adventures.

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    Shop faster, easier, safer, and smarter with Guddies Planet.
    No other planet can serve you better than Guddies Planet

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