Campus Tech Fest – A Tech event with a different vibe | “It is not a regular tech event”

In recent years, Nigeria has risen to be the leader of Africa in the Tech industry. Tech startups popping up, every now and then, VCs (Venture Capitalists) Pouring millions of dollars to fund startups and their dreams. Everything is going on, right here in Nigeria. It’s safe to say that Nigeria (Lagos) is the Silicon Valley of Africa (I shouldn’t be quoted on this). But, we are actually moving, and I like that.
There better be the VR experience!
One factor that has ensured the continued growth of the Tech industry in Nigeria is events. Events, communities, and other tech meetups have fostered a more conducive environment for tech guys, breeding innovative ideas that would go on to tackle our problems. However, one of such guys thinks we are not making the most out of the events we have been having. Better still, there are new ways to how tech events can play out. That is the opinion of Tioluwalogo Olakunbi – Black (Nice name, yeah?).
I totally agree with him on this. How about an event that would play out just like Food fest? A mix of entertainment and Technology. I can only imagine the vibe that it would carry. Stepping out of the norm and getting to engage with people on a more personal and entertaining level.
Events like Techpoint Inspired have been significant, but Kunbi Black (CEO, Techtrybe Africa) and Akinola Steven (Steevane) are looking at things from a whole different angle, and that is what I like about Campus Tech Fest 2019. Yeah, you heard that right. Campus Tech Festival it is.
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Spot me in this picture, over there, yes, there!
Credit: Techpoint Inspired 2019.
A publication on the event reads thus, “Campus Tech Fest is a gathering of young and vibrant Tech enthusiasts, who want to learn, network, eat and drink. And have fun at the same time and same place. We are the new school, and we vibe differently.”
With this tagline, you can imagine what’s coming up in the maiden edition of Campus Tech Fest. I engaged with the organizer, Kunbi Black to get more details from him. One major problem he pointed out that poised him to conceive this idea is the fact that there are “too many serious tech conferences and events, therefore, leading to little or no turn up by average students. Thus, I saw a need to get more African youths actively involved by infusing entertainment which can be regarded as a ‘catcher,’ to get them involved in Tech and innovation discussions. Hence, knowing how to leverage on tech and move from being just tech consumers to being innovative tech contributors.”
Truth be told, Tech conferences can sometimes miss the point. Some just talk on topics we all have been finding answers to, digging deeper into an insight we already have. I have friends who go to tech events, not because of what they would learn, but for the connection, and meeting new people.
Tech guys have been perceived to be nerds, I don’t think we should be just nerds, we should have fun too. So, I’m all into Campus Tech Fest.
“It is not a regular tech event.”
It’s a festival, and you would expect a high level of fun from a festival. Now, it might be challenging to draw the dots between Tech and entertainment in your head, but Kunbi has a few other things to say.
“First, we would like you to know that it is not a regular tech event. We are scripting the whole event, right from start to finish. The program is drawn in a way that the audience doesn’t know what’s coming next. Neither from where it’s coming (all still with the Tech conversation as the focus). We would be having stage plays, spoken words, amongst others, happening in between talks just to ensure that the audience is kept in the loop at all times. There would also be gaming, face painting, VR, and 7D movie screening. I don’t know how to explain this, but it’s going to be more than an event….it’s a lifestyle.”
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Be ready for a hell of surprises. 
Free or paid?
Slated to happen on the 16th of August, right there at the Afe Babalola Hall, University of Lagos, Campus Tech Fest is absolutely free. Entry is free, but going for side attractions would totally be billed on your account. But hey, you get to enter into the event free of charge. The event is slated to start 9am, till the sunsets.
You need to register.

The event is free, but registration is essential. Click this link to register. Let’s have fun while learning about what we love. Who’s coming?

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