Video of doctors trying to resuscitate a “dead” new born kid will make you appreciate life | They did it

    So, while scrolling through Twitter in search of something I don’t know, I stumbled on this video. It’s a video of a couple of doctors trying to resuscitate a dead baby. The heart had technically stopped. You can even tell from ot body.

    Thumbs up guys! I tried so hard to get in that White overall, but here I am, writing a blog. 

    What I appreciate most was the fact that the doctors were so calm. Like, no panic whatsoever. I know I couldnt be the one in that room, My stomach must be churned already.

    After about 30 minutes of CPR (google up the meaning if you are not sure what it means -Cardio pulmonary resuscitation) and other actiivities, well, the baby woke up. They beat the baby to cry. Damn! You need to see how they slap this small kid. I was like, isnt that too harsh. But they knew what they were doing.

    Life, sometimes, we get so caught up in our worries and fail to appreciate that we are alive. Especially being a Nigerian, that’s enough trouble. That’s a goven. Irrespective, we should be grateful for life. Being alive to do what we want, is a great privilege. I need not tell you about the mad guys out there, I feel pity on them, they got no control of themselves. Geez!

    We got this one life, let’s maximise it.

    The Twitter user captioned the video, trying to diss Nigerian doctors, if they could achieve that. I’m sure Nigerian doctors have done more. They have achieved stuff, right here in a country with no facilities.

    I use this opportunity to thank all doctors. Thanks for helping with our health, in this world that we are killing ourselves. Selah.

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