SpiderMan: Far from Home achieves outstanding feat at Box Office

If you have not seen SpiderMan; Far From Home, then you are missing out. I’m sure I wouldn’t be the first person to tell you this, but just go see the movie. Even if it’s the cinema dubbed version (I bet you will still enjoy it). 

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I loved this scene the most. Am I strange?
Weeks after its release Spiderman; Far from home achieved a major Box Office milestone, as the movie grossed $1billion in generated revenue. This isn’t the first time and MCU movie is crossing the $1billion milestone, in fact, some movies have done it faster. 
However, it is the first Spiderman movie ever to do so. Even Spiderman; Homecoming couldn’t. The Spiderman franchise has owned by Marvel and Sony entertainment has had eight movies done, and this is the first-ever to cross the $1bilion mark. This feat was achieved on Thursday, 25th of  July, as it grossed about $333milion in the US and $672million abroad. 

Another Milestone it achieved with this is that it made Sony the only studio other than Marvel to boast of crossing the $1billion benchmark, since the release of Universal’s Jurassic World. It is also the second Sony movie ever to become a member of the billion-dollar club after then James Bond’s movie, “Skyfall” in 2012. 
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