Playstation 5 is coming – A different next-generation console | Here is all the information you need know

Okay, we have seen enough of PS 4, now, the question is, “What’s next?” Very few persons were expectant of a new gaming console by Sony in the Playstation franchise, but Sony said it’s working on another console. A total badass console! (Permit me to use the word).

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The console might be close to this in design, we are still unsure of what it will look like.

There have been various rumors on the internet concerning the PS5. All these information scattered abroad can really be daunting for you to curate and make meaning of. Hence, we got it all here for you. All your questions should be answered in this post, and if there are any other, you can always drop a comment.

There is a new console

Going with the trend of things over the years, it is safe to call the new console by Sony the “Playstation 5”  However, since there is no official name announced by Sony yet, we can’t be too sure. For the purpose of this post, we’d stick to PS5.

Sony is working on a next-generation console, as confirmed in an interview the company had with financial times. According to the CEO of Sony, Kenichiro Yoshida, there is the need to roll out the hardware for the next generation. According to the interview, the CEO emphasized the fact that, with respect to design, there would not be a radical difference between the PS4 and PS5. However, you should expect a major upgrade when it comes to performance on all levels. One of those major upgrades you need to look out for is power.

Here are the specs

Specs of the PS5 are outstanding. The CPU and GPU of the console are set to be AMD chips. These chips are able to support 3D audio, 8K graphics and ray tracing (this is a feature that you will only find on very powerful PCs). The CPU of the PS 5 is designed to be an 8-core chip, which is based on the ryzen line and will make use of the Zen 2 microarchitecture. The GPU is based on Radeon Navi Line.

According to reports, the PS5 will no longer be making use of the hard disk drive. Rather, it would make use of the solid-state drive, which has higher bandwidth. By making use of SSD drive in the console, you can be sure of a reduction in load times. Making it faster than even the PS4 pro in loading.

Practically, Sony stated that when it comes to loading time, the content that takes about 8 seconds to load on the PS4 pro, will take less than 1 second on the PS5 (remember, next-generation console, we don’t know the name yet). Isn’t that amazing? According to rumors, this console is designed to be more powerful than the Xbox Project scarlet.

Another cool thing to note in the specs is that this console will support the Blu-ray discs, and it will also be able to execute digital downloads, as well as game streaming (maybe we can play the Google stadia game here)

Backward compatibility

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Marvel at this beauty

The next-gen console will also be compatible with previous versions of the PS games, but just down to the PS4 and the PS VR games. You will not be able to play your PS3 (and below) games on this console. This is the sole reason behind the similarity in the architecture of the consoles (remember we talked about similar design).

There is currently no word on if there would be a release of the PS VR2, but the current VR headset would be supported. So, you should get ready to swap in, or just sell your PS4.

Playstation Now

This is the cloud gaming service of Sony. Cloud gaming will be coming to the PS5, but we are still oblivious of the extent of this service. However great this might seem to be, they would be facing competition from the likes of Microsoft and Google. Microsoft is planning on the Project xCloud service, while Google is working on launching the Stadia. With this platforms, there is the immense collaboration between developers, content creators, game players.

According to Sony, the comany will be focused on blu ray disc, download and streaming. With stremaing, you would be able to game with or without a console. To enable this, Sony is partnring with Microsoft to develop its cloud technology. The cloud technology is aimed to be home to the video game content and artifcial intelligence.

With the Sony platform, we can get an inkling into what Microsoft has planned for the Project xCloud. Once Playstation gets to cloud, you can be sure of a resolution of around 1080p. And one esge this has over Google stadia already is that, you can stream at 5 mbps, unlike Google stadia that will need about 25mbps.

PS 5 games

Developers are not letting out wor on whether they have the devkits for the PS5 already, but inferences can be drawn from various comments and statement to suggest that they are already working on this.

The developers of “The Witcher 3, CD Projeckt red, are already working on the develipment of the next Cyberpunk 2077. In a presentation done for the game, the studio head gave a presentation, and one of the slide states that, “Rich, true-to-life visuals built on current and next-generation technology. From this statement, you can derive many meanings. However, there is one you will most likely agree with me on, that they are actually developing the game to able to play on both the current PS4s and also the PS5.

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Just blow the head up already!

There are so many other games in the loop, deevloping games for future technology. Even the custom game by Sony, Death Stranding will most likely be coming to the PS5 unlike the PS4 it was scheduled to stream on. This is proof that the PS5 could actually be coming faster than we envisaged. Another fact attesting to this quick release is the fact that most of the Sonly internal development teams have shifted their focus to the PS5 development.

Other games that were slated to be coming on the PS4 that will also play on the PS5 are; The last of Us: Part II, Ghost of Tsushima and Death stranding.

Release Date

As of 2018, John Kodera (Sony interactive entertainment CEO), said that the company would be using the next three years to prepare for the future. Hence, we can calculate that the next generation of console is slated for 2021.

But according to industrial analyst, Michael Pachter, the console could come in earlier than expected. In fact, there is rumor that the console will launch by 2020 november.  One thing is sure, it is not coming in 2019, neither in the earlier months of 2020. So, you can start saving.

It might be the end of console

Yeah, you are a lover of console games, and over the past decades, they are all we’ve had. But with the evolution of streaming gaming, we might not hear of console again, in later years. According to the CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, tipped that there would be one more generation of consoles, before the whole gaming industry moves to streaming only.

Gaming is going to a whole new level. Let the games begin.

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