Marvel isn’t done: Female Thor is coming, read all about it

Okay, we told ourselves here that Marvel has us all wrapped in its cinematic world, and there is no escape from it. We will gladly remain here, the chill and anxiety in the Cinema theatres are all worth it. Spiderman; Far away from home is the bomb.

Now, that Marvel has officially entered into a fourth phase, there is so much innovation and novel ideas coming up. It’s the start of a new dawn, and new characters are developing. For Thor as we know it, well, Thor 4 would not be male, it’s not transgender either, it’s a female.

Natalie Portman at Marvel Studios' Comic-Con Hall H panel.
Bring it on Nathalie!

Going by the character name Jane Foster, the new Thor was announced in the Comic-Con panel yesterday (and there are many more announcements, many more). The new Thor movie is titled Thor: Love and Thunder. Jane would be acting Thor, her character was Thor’s erstwhile girlfriend, and she would be the new God of Thunder. This movie is premised on the Mighty Thor Comics as written by Jason Aaron.

Jane Foster, as a character, was played by Nathalie Portman, and she would be playing the role again. She played the role of Jane in Thor, Thor; The Dark World and Avengers Endgame.

Don’t get sad just yet, Chris Hemsworth, Thor as we know him will also be in the movie. Well, we are still unsure of how Marvel hopes to combine two Thors in the film, but since it’s Marvel, we can rest assured of something brilliant. Thor will be the first Marvel Cinematic Universe lead getting four standalone films.

Don’t expect this blockbuster out too soon anyway, it will be in theaters on the 5th of November, 2021.

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