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Malika is a superhero movie part of the Youniverse of Youneek Studios, alongside the likes of E.X.O and the Windmaker. According to the likes of Forbes and CNN, this movie could be the start of animation in Nollywood (this is me paraphrasing for your info). You probably saw it on the internet (twitter, statuses, etc) and are wondering what it’s about and how you can see the movie. Here you go.

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Fierce!!!! Guess who did the voice-over?

Malika is a movie written by Niyi Akinmolayan (Director of Chief Daddy, Wedding Party 2, the Set up). Niyi runs Anthill Studios, and according to him, this movie in conjunction with Youneek studios is probably the biggest project ever. For real, this is probably your first time seeing an animation of this quality made in Nigeria. Watch the trailer again (watch, if you haven’t seen it before).

 Before you read the full synopsis of the movie (Full storyline below), here are some fact I would like that you note.

The trailer was released on the 23rd of July 2019, and an exclusive screening was held on the 24th of July, 2019. The exclusive screening was open to just those that supported the project when it was in the Kickstarter stage (Crowdfunding on Kickstarter). Hence, only those that contributed to the making of the movie received the streaming link for the movie. By the way, one of the major sponsors was MO Abudu, the founder of Ebonylife TV (Making Ebonylife TV the only TV to screen the movie come December).

With the Kickstarter, Niyi was able to raise a total of $20,555, from 314 backers (so, 314 people in the world get to see the movie for now). Also, you should know that it’s not just a single watch movie, Malika is proposed to be a series, so, we’d see more of the animation in the future.
Malika Warrior Queen Animated Pilot
Back to our talk, if you didn’t support the Kickstarter (I didn’t too, so, you not alone), our time is September. Yes, Malika will be screened at the Lagos Comic Convention on the 21st of September (Register here, it’s free!). The same day, the series animation will be screened in MECCACON, in Detroit USA. According to the Youneek studios’ website, there will be more screening date announced, and possibly more locations.

Malika Warrior Queen WindMaker
Feeling this level of animation?

On TV, the series movie is still slated to be aired on Ebonylife/DSTV by December. For the voice-overs, Adesua Etomi was Malika, Sambasa acted as Ras, and many more you can check here

You might be interested in knowing that this movie is more than a year in the making, that is just to show you how deep the belief in the movie is. I believe this could be a start of animation in Nollywood, trust me, we have all it takes. The story writing talent, creative talent, etc. With proper funding, this is the start of something big in Africa, and we at Black Pen are excited and can’t wait to be a part of the creativity and storytelling. You can join our Telegram or WhatsApp channels to keep up with the latest updates. I registered for Lagos Comic Convention already, won’t you?

Read Full synopsis below (As culled from

Set in fifteenth-century West Africa, Malika: Warrior Queen follows the exploits of queen and military commander, Malika, who struggles to keep the peace in her ever-expanding empire. Growing up as a prodigy, Malika inherited the crown from her father in the most unusual of circumstances, splitting the Kingdom of Azzaz in half. After years of civil war, Malika was able to unite all of Azzaz, expanding it into one of the largest empires in all of West Africa.


But expansion would not come without its costs. Enemies begin to rise within her council, and Azzaz grabbed the attention of the most feared superpower the world has ever known: the Ming Dynasty. As Malika fights to win the clandestine civil war within the walls of her empire, she must now turn her attention to an indomitable and treacherous foe that plans to vanquish her entire people. From dragons to mythical relics, a feuding royal family and magical swords, the story of Malika: Warrior Queen stays true to the fantasy genre while adding something new by setting familiar concepts in an awe-inspiring African setting.
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