Jumanji is back! Crazier and Crazier!! | The Next Level (Official trailer)

When ‘Jumanji’ hit the screen in 2017, it was a great one. My expectations were met. It’s probably because I’m a huge fan of “the Rock,” and I go all out to hype him (right here in my room).

Jumanji was a huge success, but ‘the Rock’ (Dwayne Johnson) is bringing us to the ‘Next Level’. Jumanji: The next level is bringing a new mix to the movie, with ‘the Rock’ and Kevin Hart coming in as the game’s version of some old pop man.

In this remix, you don’t have to want to play the game to be in, once you are around the game, you are in. Yeah, these grandpas just found themselves in the game, of course, as the Rock and Kevin.

Get ready for the cinemas

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