iPhones will have 5G by 2020, and it already has an advantage over Android’s 5G

You probably must have heard that 5G is coming. In fact, it is safe to say that it is here. If you haven’t heard, then you have not been using the internet the right way. Anyways, 5G is coming, and one thing we are certain of is that it offers a badass internet speed. Various network providers are upgrading their systems and all to enable 5G all over the world.

iPhone (This is NOT one of the 2020 iPhones)
Most importantly, recent phone android phone versions are now designed to be 5G compatible. Now, we are left to wonder when there would be a 5G compatible iPhone. Well, that’s a talk for 2020. Apple is reported to be working on the release of a 5G-compatible iPhone, set to debut in 2020. In fact, there are three of them.  
The three iPhone models are set to be of; 5.4inches, 6.7 inches, and 6.1 inches displays. This is as reported by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Some weeks ago, it was reported that Apple bought the 5G modem business of intel for a fee of $1billion. This is reported to be the in-source production of the 5G compatibility of the iPhone. 
Here is the deal – the advantage. There are some Android phones running the 5G compatibility already, but the 5G to be released on the iPhones is better. The current 5G Android phones run the sub-6ghz version of the 5G, while the iPhones coming out will be having the mmWave version. Here is the difference. The sub-6ghz version is actually very faster than the 4G we currently, however, it is slower than the mmWave version. Hence, when the iPhones finally come with the 5G, the network speed is bound to be faster than that of the android. But, it will make it costlier. Apple says if you want that fast 5G, you need to pay more. They would also try to produce iPhones compatible with the sub-6ghz version of the iPhone and the mmWave version. As a result of this, there is bound to be a drop in the price of Android phones that run on the sub-6ghz version (since iPhones have something better). 
The US actually plans to focus on developing the mmWave, while the rest of the world works with the sub-6ghz version. You should know that most Android phones we get in Nigeria are made outside the US (If not all). Apple is not rushing into the 5G market, unlike other Android dealers, but is working to develop the mmWave version, and it now has all the resources needed, thanks to the acquisition of Intel’s modem business. 
Let’s hope Samsung bails us out in Nigeria (it’s going to come at a higher price too. Damn!). Anyways, I think I’m willing to pay that price. This is super-fast internet we are talking about here. Imagine streaming Google stadia game on Chrome, or the proposed streaming service of Sony (maker of Playstation). Heaven!
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