iPhone Photography Awards 2019 | You need to see all these amazing pictures that featured

Since the launch of the iPhone line in 2007, Apple started the iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) to celebrate the creativity of its users. Over the years, iPhones have featured amazing cameras, making user experience quite fancy.

'Snowshadow' from Christian Helwig won first place in the Trees category in the 2019 iPhone Photography Awards.
Theme; SnowShadow – By Christian Helwig, winning first place in the “Trees” category 

The latest versions of the iPhone, especially the iPhone XS have amazing cameras, and with the right photographer, a whole photoshoot can be done in no time. For real.

The annual awards were held this week, with the winners in various categories announced. Accolades were given to both the photos and the photographers, and I must say, those pictures were all amazing. There will always be just one overall winner, and the grand prize went to “Big Sister”, a picture taken by Gabriella Cigliano.

'Big Sister' from Gabriella Cigliano won the grand prize at the 2019 iPhone Photography Awards.
Big Sister – Winner of Grand Prize at the “2019 IPPAWARDS”

Her picture was taken on the iPhone X in Zanzibar. According to her, she didn’t even know the two kids from Adams, but when they saw the picture she took of them, they were in glee.

I’m sure you must be thinking that it is guys with the latest iPhones that will win most of the categories. Well, that is what you would logically expect, since the newer versions have improved cameras. However, a winner with an iPhone 6s won the News/Events category. So, it’s not only about the camera, the creativity of the photographer is one factor to consider.

'Fire Dragon' won the News/Events category and was taken on an iPhone 6S.
This was taken on iPhone 6s – Fire Dragon – Winner of News/Events category

In all, there are 18 categories, and here, I would show you show our pick, while you can see the full pictures/and other details here.

If you are looking to enter for next year’s edition, click here

News and Event Category (Other than the winner that has been shown above)
Taken on iPhone 8.

Prayer at Wedding | Dope shey?


Taken on iPhone 7 Plus in Mexico City | “Blue Light”
This is the proud peacock, which won first place

A few other animal images got our attention

Feeling this owl?

These fishes are watching you


I still don’t know why this picture did not take first place in the category. it’s all good though

Some people are just good anyhow


The Little Beekeeper also got featured


Taken in Columbia with the iPhone 7
Can you guess what that mama is doing?

There are so many more pictures in different categories, feed your eyes to the brim. You can also participate if you are good. Don’t send wack pictures, please. Lol. Photography is cool, I’m gonna learn.

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