Instagram tested hiding number of likes. Good or bad idea? Here is the result they got

Sometimes in April, Instagram rolled out a new test, which was allowed for only those in Canada. The new feature was simply to have the number of likes on a post, hidden. While the feature was being rolled out for a test, there was uncertainty as to how it would affect the way we use Instagram. Even the company was skeptical of how people will feel. But, after a couple of month of testing in Canada, they got an answer. 

According to users who were part of the test, there were many comments, both on the part of the people posting, and the people seeing the post. 
On the part of the people seeing the post, there was the testimony that not seeing the number of likes on a post actually made them focus more on the content, rather than the number of likes. I think this is true. When you see a post on your timeline, unconsciously, you check the number of likes it has against the time it has been posted. There is every possibility that the number of likes it has garnered per time might influence if you would like it or not. 
On the part of the person posting. While logged into your account, and the feature is turned on, you can still see the number of likes, on your dashboard, but it will not be visible to your followers. In an interview with users, they claimed that not having to worry about people seeing the number of likes on their page kind of made them be more at ease. There was no worry if they would be getting just two like over the course of a day or not. 
According to IG, the main aim of the feature is to ensure that users only focus on the content they are uploading, not the likes it gets or not. 
I have a question though. Instagram, just like Facebook makes use of algorithms that promote your post per more likes it gets. In simpler terms, when you make a post, IG and FB show it to a group of persons, the reactions from the viewers will determine if they will show it to more people. So, if your post gets more likes and comments, they show it to more of your followers. 
My question is; will hiding the number of likes, counter this algorithm? Will posts be shown to more people wither people like it or not?
I have a possible answer though since IG will still show the number of likes to the actual owner of the content, then, I guess likes still count in the algorithm of IG. There is one thing however, it removes the pressure one might get from the fear of people not liking their posts, and that others see the low number of likes. 
According to IG, the test has been expanded to six more countries, including; Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand. 
This might not mean much to influencers, as they care more about metric relating to the general account and followership. But, it would still be a good feature all in all. What do you think? 
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