Huawei probably doesn’t need the US and Android | Here is why

Yes, there is the trade war, but maybe Huawei just doesn’t need the US to remain on top of their game. The trade war isn’t even affecting them.

In the wake of the trade war between US and China, which has affected Huawei, preventing it from having any deal with a US company, the company still makes incredible gains. In fact, between the months of April and June, the company witnessed a 23 percent increase in revenue. Amazing, right?

Without the US market and partnerships, you would expect that sales would drop and the company would be badly affected. Well, Huawei has proven that they are here to stay (they have their own Smartphone OS, which is not to replace Android – they are permitted to use Android for now, till…). In the course of the aforementioned duration, the company made a total of 221.6 billion in revenue ($32.2 billion). The net profit margin of the company in the first six months of the year is about $58.3 billion.

Huawei sold about 118million smartphones in the first half of the year. However, the Chairman of the company, Liang Hua, admits that they have experienced some difficulties, and it is affecting their pace in the short term, “But we will stay on course”

Prior to the ban, the company has been working on an OS, which they claim is for industrial use. However, with this ban (which allows them to use Android temporarily), they might need to upgrade the OS, and adapt it for consumer use.

Normally, Huawei is not a company that does well in releasing details of figures, as it is a private company. Unlike other companies that are publicly traded. In fact, this quarterly report on the revenue is the first of its kind. In my opinion, I think it’s a move to rub it in the faces of US, (Trump in particular, he had wars with them). I can imagine them saying something like, “Hey Trump! To hell with you and your US market, we’re making billions out here”

Good for them (they are still leaders in the Asian market, according to this chart.

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