Falz just caused trouble for fellow celebs with the #Hfactorchallenge

Falz’s thinking is on another level. remember those times in secondary school when you challenge a friend to pronounce a line of words, fast and on repeat for about 6 times? Remember this? “Mr. Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper, if Mr. Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper, where is the peck of pickled Pepper Mr. Pipper Picked”

Try saying this as fast as possible for about five times, I’m sure you would have your tongue twisted in no time. Try it before you continue reading. Or try this, “The sun shall soon shine”, try saying it fast for five times. 
Falz comes up with a sentence for the #HfactorChallenge, and celebrities have been jumping on this tongue twister. “Can her hair earn her an A?” It looks pretty simple, right? Try saying it, you will have your tongue twisted, even Falz could not scale. Only Simi tried, and she had to do it in a song. Sharp girl. Don Jazzy didn’t even try at all, the man who bragged that it was a piece of cake. Lmao. 
See your fave celebs that jumped on the challenge all through yesterday

You can follow the rest of the videos on the thread here

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