Fake Facebook libra coin vendors flood the internet | Beware

Some weeks back, Facebook launched its own cryptocurrency. It sounded al great, well and good, till issues arose. Facebook in the tech world is known for its many privacy issues. Now, with the Libra coin, Facebook is experiencing so many fake vendors flooding the internet, even on Facebook itself.
Scammers are ahead of Facebook when it comes to Libra fraud.

In the past few weeks, Facebook has been the center of debate in Congress at the United States, and for the first time in a long, the Congress actually all agreed on something (Weldone Facebook, Kudos). Congress agrees on something, but it’s not good for Facebook. Congress has labeled the coin “Shitcoin”, and even Donald Trump to Twitter to blast the coin.

 Now, according to Washington post, over a dozen pages have been found on IG and Facebook, supposedly selling Libra coins. These pages go as far, as using Mark Zuckerburg’s images and even some official Marketing images and designs by Facebook.


Note: Facebook has not even launched the coin, hence, there is nowhere they could have laid their hands on the coin.

The @Libra_ fakes are pretty damn convincing. pic.twitter.com/F5luUQ4EIG

— Matthew de Silva (@matthewde_silva) July 22, 2019

In a video, a platform even uses the image of  Mark, accompanied by voiceover to claim that a total of 20 million coins have been distributed to early investors. Well, there is no point debating this, it’s a scam.

Facebook has most likely wiped al the current pages out by now, but, it’s just an indication that there are many internet “gangsters”  in search of a next victim.

One thing though, Facebook’s libra coin is generating so much criticism and setback, making it seem shady as it can get. If all these are happening when it’s not yet launched, one can only imagine what comes after. 2020 is just around the corner.

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