Apple to buy Intel’s 5G Modem business for $1billion

Well, Apple has a whole lot in store for us, just a whole lot. Right now, the company is set to buy Intel’s Modem business for $1billion. According to the Wall street’s journal, that deal can be closed in the coming week.

This is what this means for iPhone users. With this chip, current iPhone products could become very obsolete at the release of the next iPhone version. This chip will allow the iPhone to use the 5G network.

Actually, earlier this year, Intel and Qualcomm had been in competition to be the supplier of the %G mobile modem to Apple, but Qualcomm won the race. Subsequent to this, Intel decided to quit the 5G business, as, without Apple, the product will never sell (according to them). Most Android phones make use of Qualcomm or in-house solutions. Hence, Intel only saw Apple has the cash cow available. However, Apple discovered that as of then, Intel would never meet up with its time frame.

Things have changed in three months, and Apple is here to drop $1billion for this arm of Intel. With Apple in control of the business, you can be sure of quick scale and adaptation. We might see a 5G iPhone faster than we thought.

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