All the new movies from Marvel set to hit your screens. Marvel Phase 4. Black widow, The Eternals, Blade, Thor 4 and many more

Avengers Endgame seems to be the end of an era, in fact, I think it is. But, it is undoubtedly not the end of Marvel.

Marvel Unveils Phase 4 Slate At Comic Con. Black Widow, The Eternals, Blade, Thor 4 Announced
This picture does not even contain all the new movies. Marvel is our new world. Welcome!

Whenever it’s time for Comic-Con, there is excitement in the air, as many ask the question, what’s the next in the Marvel world. On one of such panel has all the cast of Avengers lined up. Well, this year’s edition at San Diego is nothing short of a line up of Blockbuster. Marvel Phase 4 is here, and it came with a lot of stunning cinematic movies.

Marvel’s president, Kevin Feige took to the stage in the panel that lasted for an hour and a half and doled out information on the future of Marvel. There would be new movies, there would be sequels, Disney+ is about to get hotter. Now, our eyes are enlightened on what the future holds for Cinema lovers.

If you are a fan of Marvel like myself, you would want to see this quick rundown on the stunning movies underway.

Black Widow

If you haven’t recovered from the heartbreak you suffered from the Scarlett Johansson’s Black widow in Avengers: Endgame, I think its time you do. Here, we would be getting the Natasha Romanoff origin story we’ve always wanted. In the Black Widow, Stranger Things stars, David Harbour, O-T Fagbenle, Florence Pugh and Rachel Weiz will take pole roles. The movie will be directed by Cate Shortland, and the release date has been set in May 2020. Yes, there is a villain, and his name is “Taskmaster.”

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Thor 4/Thor: Love and Thunder

I wrote about Thor 4 in a blog post, and one thing to note is, this is Female Thor! Yeah, imagine all those hammer smashing and summoning, being done by a woman. Just imagine! Don’t get it wrong though, Chris Hemsworth will still be there playing Thor. So, we basically would be having two Thors smashing and banging. Let’s see how Marvel plays this out.

Female Thor will be played by Nathalie Portman, whose character is Jane (Thor’s erstwhile girlfriend). She is the new God of Thunder in Asgard.

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

This concept is believed to be rolled in from Spiderman; Far from home, where Mysterio has tipped that there is a Multiverse somewhere. Doctor Strange 2 would be directed by Scott Derrickson. Let the madness begin! On this movie, Scarlet Witch, as played by Elizabeth Olsen would be joining Benedict Cumberbatch. Things are set to get scary in this movie, as it hit the theatre closest to you on the 7th of May, 2021 (That’s if its not a wack theatre, like one I know of)

Wanda Vision

Wanda is set to get her own movie too. In this series that will be featured on Disney+, she is teamed up with Paul Bettany’s vision. You really don’t want to miss this badass ride of fun. To star in this movie is Teyonah Parris, who will be playing the role of Monica Rambeau. Monica is that little girl from Captain Marvel, do you remember? This will air by Spring, 2021. Not any soon, right?


Loki grabbed the Tesseract in Avengers Endgame and disappeared, right? Well, here is where we would be seeing him again. Coming out by Spring 2021. Forget about the good guy Loki you saw in Infinity wars, this guy right here is going to be the real definition of mischief. Let the games begin.

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Jeremy Renner was present on the stage when this announcement was made. Loki would also be on Disney+. The old Hawkeye would be featured in this movie, yes, Clint Barton, that guy. In this movie, he is found teaching the ropes to Kate Bishop, with the hopes that she would be better than him. This movie is meant for Fall in 2021.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Right here, we have familiar faces returning to the Marvel scenes. In the Fall of 2020, the team, comprising The Falcon (Anthony Machie’s Sam Wilson) and the Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes as acted by Sebastian Stan), is coming for you all, including me. Get ready to be stunned. A villain from Captain America: Civil war is coming back too. Baron Zemo (acted by Daniel Bruhls) was also presented at the event, alongside his purple mask.

Don think everything is familiar in this movie, it’s the revelation of many stories you never knew about. In short, welcome to another decade of Marvel Movies.

Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten rings

This the first Asian main actor in the Marvel world, and Martial arts just got its place in the Marvel Cinematic universe. Simu Liu is the star in this movie. He would be joined by Awkwafina and Tony Leaung – The mandarin. You can read more about this here or here.

What if…? 

“Animation” is another venture Marvel is set to explore, bringing us to the world of What if…? The story on which this is premised is beyond amazing. When you are talking about the multiverse, What if…? is the best story to depict that. All seen through the eye of “The Watcher.” Jeffrey Wright plays this role. There are a lot of actors that would be championing the voices of characters, your MCE is lined up. Find out by summer, 2021.

The Eternals

Yes, saving the best for the last. This is probably the most significant announcement of the night. This movie features god-like aliens, who are going to be the next big things Marvel brings together. Just as the name, Eternals, you can only imagine what to expect. There are speculations on various persons cast in the movie, ranging from Angelina Jolie and Millie Bobby Brown. Others include; Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Salma Hayek, Lauren Ridloff, Lia McHugh and Don Lee.


Yes, Blade. I mean Blade. In all truthfulness, this is the movie that made Marvel “Blow.” It was the beginning of the studio’s success, and with the smartness in their administration, they were able to maintain a success that we now have here. So, Blade is coming back. Mahershala Ali is cast as Balde, and she is going to be the iconic human-half vampire.

Other Movies in which there were not many details announced, but are coming, includes; Fantastic Four, X-men, Captain marvel 2, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, and Black Panther 2. 

THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF A NEW ERA. SIT TIGHT, ANOTHER DECADE OF FUN HAS BEGUN, and we would be here to update you. Peace out!

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