YouTube AR Beauty Try-On: You can now apply make up on your face, while you watch a tutorial video , all on your screen

If you are new to AR, it is an acronym for Augmented Reality, and it simply means “Adding or complementing reality.” It means that you are adding something virtual to something that is actually real. You can have a real table, but with AR, you can have a cup placed on the table. When viewed through a screen, it would be as though, the cup is actually on the table. I believe you get what it is now? Good, read on.

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This another cool innovation (on the part of YoutTube anyways), but this time, YouTube is dealing with Make Up Artists (MUA). Contents that trend most on YouTube are Makeup tutorial videos (Ladies and makeup, geez). YouTube knows this, and the latest AR Beauty Try-on was made with the make up artists in mind. This is simply what it does,

Whenever you are seeing a makeup tutorial on YouTube, the screen is split in two (If your phone can’t split screen, well, sorry), and you can make-up on yourself. We all know that the primary face budding makeup artist test their craft on is theirs. They test products and techniques on their very own faces before that of the customers or friend. This is what YouTube is looking to make easy. Such that, when you are seeing a makeup tutorial on YouTube, there is an icon to click which toggles on this AR mode.

The screen is split in half, the makeup tutorial video you are seeing shows on top, while your face shows in the screen below (thanks to your front camera). On the screen on which your face is, there are options of various palettes of colors and other accessories – foundation, lipsticks, eye shadows, etc, and those other things ladies wear on their face. You can select, pick a color (or accessory), then apply it to your face on the screen. This is believed to make the learning process easier (You can comment, if it is not)

Isn’t this cool. You get to train while you watch the video, there is no need to pause videos while trying to practice-along with your tutor.

Calm down now, don’t go to YouTube just yet. The feature is yet to be in full swing, as it is still in the Alpha phase (First phase) of testing, with the help of famous YouTube beauty influencers. However, it should be in full swing soon, you can be sure that I’d hit your screen when it’s out. After the Beta testing, the feature should be rolled out and ready to use. However, in the Alpha test, the feature was rolled out, it was available to iOS users, but it’s gone. 30% of people responded to the app and spent over 80 seconds trying on the feature.

(Quickie: Do you know that the world now has a population of 7.7 billion, and there are more men than women?)

There is also good news for beauty influencers (Mimie jay, you here?) because this would prompt brands to spend more on influencers, to help market their products. So, if you are a female influencer, it’s time you invest in more viewers for your YouTube channel. If you are a makeup artist, have you started making tutorials on YouTube, you are about to get your viewers more engaged. YouTube might not be the first to roll out the AR beauty stuff, but it has the largest video audience in the world, and that means something!

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