Uber’s flying Taxis might just be the answer to Lagos’ Traffic.

It’s a given, this Tech might get to Nigeria rather late, it might be 5 – 10 years from now, but it would surely be in your life time. The future transport network and the modern city we have seen in sci-fi movies are being worked upon, and at an incredibly fast rate.

We have innovations from the likes of Elon Musk, who is working on the Hyperloop, SpaceX and the electric cars of Tesla. Now, Uber is taking it’s transport system to another level and working with the future. It might be that the company had failed in dominating the the commercial transport of the present, hence, it is looking to invest in the future. The earlier the better.

The flying Taxi of Uber Air is planned for take off in Dallas, by 2023. This announcement was made at the Uber Elevate Summit on Wednesday. This is going to be awesome, but it surely wouldn’t be cheap.

The electric vehicles are also known as the Vertical Take Off and landing Vehicles (VTOLs), and in design, they are similar to an helicopter, carrying four passengers per flight. This vehicle would carry passengers at low height, round the metro areas it is deployed.

Test flights will commence Next Year under the approval of FAA. When active, a short flight with the Uber Flying Vehicle would cost about $5 per mile, so, if you would be riding for a total of 20 miles, be ready to cough some $100. Isn’t that cool. We really need this in Lagos, it’s time to escape the Lagos traffic to work. There is no need to be worried about the cost, it would surely go down with more patronage (According to Uber officials)
How much this will cost you.

Various designs of how the landing ports and flight decks would like were released, and they sure are gorgeous. These designs are made by various companies, and I think Uber released all, probably hoping to get reviews and feedback from the public on which is best.

This was designed by Corgan
A Dallas skyport.

Then this by Gensler
Gensler's design for an LA skyport.

This is designed by SHoP (I love this best, it’s a futuristic design)
SHoP is a futuristic design for an LA skyport.

There is also a design for Melbourne (The only International Station in the launch plan)
A design for Melbourne.

These is what the Flying cars would look like
Uber Air is eVTOLs instead of cars. Look inside the cabin.

Trust me, this is the only type of taxi that would help you beat the Lagos traffic. Well, there is also the Hyperloop by Elon Musk. The future is surely bright with all these innovative techs. Wouldn’t you agree?

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