The writer of Game of Thrones, George Martin is up to another story – Check it out

Watch this trailer (I can’t wait, it’s giving me chills already, and geez! George is great with the right sound tracks)

Game of Thrones was a movie like none other, in fact, I would term it an “Experience”. I think we are lucky to be alive when a movie like GOT aired . My watch just ended, and I would say it was a job well done, on the part of the writers – and the actors too. 

What caught my fancy most was the use of words, and the amazing dialogue build ups. It’s outstanding. George Martin is a genius writer, with expertise in creating worlds that never existed, as though they did.
Well, George has dusted off Game of Thrones hype and is on to another project, this time, he is testing the waters in the gaming world. Yeah, if you are no lover of games, I’m sure you loved the hell out of Game of Thrones, so this might interest you as well.

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My man – Genius
Elden Ring is the name of the game that George and some other developers are working on, and this was debuted at the Xbox’s 2019 E3 briefing on earlier this week. This game is an action-role game, and George is the story consultant. George is working alongside Software guru, Hidetaka Miyazaki. This game would be a re-imaging of the Norse mythology, sequel to Viking lore.

Have you heard of the game called Dark Soul? The developers of this game are those working with George, and you can only imagine the masterpiece they would create. George is a genius in the creation of fictitious world, and these guys are great with the action. 
We can only wait to see what becomes of this collaboration, and remember, it’s on Xbox. Sorry Play Station. 
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