Netflix might get this new feature that will make you addicted | Cool features you need to know about

If you have not had Netflix and chill, then you do not have a wholesome media experience yet. Netflix is a great experience, either on mobile or PC. However, you might not be in for it, due to the data consumption, it’s understandable. However, this pretty cool feature might get you addicted once you experience it on the Netflix app.

Periodically, at the Netflix HQ, employees are gathered to meet up on what is called the Netflix Hack Day. This day is held in the tradition of fostering innovation. They want their employees to always think of how to make Netflix better and fun, and that’s a cool thing. However, they are giving us more reasons to stay and spend on the platform. Well, this is business.

One notable feature fielded by an employee in the just concluded Hack day is the addition of vibration to every piece of action or explosions. This is called Project Rumble Pak. What this feature does basically is to make your phone Vibrate whenever there is a piece of the action, which is in a bid to enhance the experience while you Netflix and chill. This Pak is created by Hans van de Bruggen and Ed Barker.

In the demonstration, the anime movie, Voltron: Legendary defender was used. This effect is called the haptics effect, and the technology to run it is developed by Immersion Corporation. So, if rolled out, whenever there is a clank of the sword, or there is a bomb explosion, you get to feel it. Every piece of the action is felt, engulfing you into the feel of the movie. It’s a great experience, right?

Netflix surely has content that can serve you this effect, hot hot! Imagine seeing the likes of Armageddon, London has Fallen or Avengers Infinity Wars, on Netflix. You might just have to see it over and over.


This is however not the only cool feature that surfaced at the Hack day, there are others;

“Voice of Netflix” is a cool one, simply a simulation of different words that have been said on various Netflix movies, turning them to sentences. Here.

There is “Get Out” which causes people spending too much time in the Netflix meeting room to “Get out”

“Terravision” Might not be useful to you as a viewer, however, the filmmakers would appreciate this.

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