Has your IG account beEN hacked? Instagram makes it easier to recover hacked account

Many persons have experienced hackings of their accounts in recent times, you might have been a victim too. So sorry about that! But, things just got easier for you, in case your account gets or has been hacked.

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Prior to this time, recovering a hacked IG account is nearly impossible. But, times have changed, IG is taking you more seriously, and really want to help. The IG is introducing a new tool to the app, which would allow you to recover your hacked account, as easy as possible. Even if the hacker has changed every bit of your information on the account (don,t forget that the hacker can only change data, he can’t delete data on IG servers, hence, you are safe), you would still be able to recover the account.

This feature will be made available in the app, right there on the login page. You will find “need more help” as a clickable icon, and this takes you to a page to the commence recovery process. You would need to enter details that were linked to the account, to probably check if it matches with the record. Then, IG sends you a confirmation code, which the hacker would not have access to. Every other device logged into your account would be removed, and boom! your account is back.

Instagram's new in-app recovery process.

You might think this is a simple process that should have been up since the inception of IG. However, you should know that this, the “help” process has always been automated, so, it has been difficult to navigate the process. But hey! it is better late than never. Right?

There are millions of reasons why hackers toy with account, but with this new instagram feature, you can tell the “god of hackers”, “not today.”

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