The autonomous truck created by Volvo looks just like a sports car – Amazing

Automation is now a thing, and the automobile industry has not be resting on its oars, in a bid to deliver autonomous vehicles.

In the near future, we expect to see autonomous vehicles, electric cars, and even flying cars (as championed by Uber). All these are cool tech that inspire more tech solutions.


Volvo is testing its autonomous truck called Vera. I will call this a truck cos of its functions, but when it comes to its body build, its more or less a sports car. Its crazy how stuff in science fiction movies some years back are coming to reality.

The first assignment of the autonomous truck was to deliver goods across terminals in Sweden, and it surely delivered.

The cool thing about this truck, as seen in the video above is that, the driver’s cabin of normal trusk is gone, and we are left with a head that looks so much as a sports car. This is a cool futuristic design. Volvo deserves some accolades.

Volvo is going to deploy Vera in partnership with the logistics firm, DFDS. This is so that an efficient and seamless flow of goods transport is achieved.

Unlike other autonomous vehicles that have been developed with the autonomous vehicle tech, Volvo is being smart with the use of the vehicle. Unlike others that deploy the autonomous cars in busy roads, which results in crashes, Volvo is deployijg Vera to less busier roads around ports and terminals. In such locations, the technology is more than enough for smooth drive around of the car.

Volvo also plans on having a control tower at ports and locations where the autonomous trucks are being used, to be monitored by humans. The future is indeed beautiful, don’t you agree?

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