6 future space jobs that can give you a handsome paycheque

Just like Elon Musk, have you been fantasizing about the stars, the other planets and the fact that people should leave up there? Well, your fantasy is coming to life. Elon’s SpaceX is making sure of that.
Forget that, let’s take another topic, “The famous mantra that a great percentage of jobs would be lost to robots in the coming future.” It is believed that with the rapid development of AI and its related technology, we would soon have robots performing surgery and all.
Well, good news, some jobs might be lost, but some
space jobs could actually rescue some persons from employment (inevitably not all). The colonization of other planetary bodies is getting real than ever, and if you are smart enough, you can prepare yourself to take up one of those jobs that would surface.
6 jobs that you can take up in the future of space

Here are the few future jobs in Space. pic.twitter.com/DnlTFLutwb

— Digital Trends (@DigitalTrends) June 30, 2019

Space Pilot 
If you are like me and you had always wanted to be a pilot when you were small, now is the time. I know it’s not your fault to have given up on that dream. Nigeria’s harsh reality happened, and here we are. Well, you can still be a pilot, only that you wouldn’t be taking people from Lagos to New York. Your journey would probably be from one hot landmass in California, straight to Mars.
In the planned future of space travel, there would be the advent of space tourism. This industry would boom, and many persons would visit Mars (Space in general), just for the fun of it. Trust me, some folks would go there for honeymoon. They would probably take advantage of the weightlessness and enjoy romance as they float.
Space Piloting could be a thing, you should be on the watch out.

Space lawyer 
Enough of the Real estate law, enterprise law (I hope I’m correct, all the best), and other specialization in the profession. I think this would actually be fun. Imagine you going to space, just to gather evidence. Lol. This profession would involve professionals dealing with major legal disputes concerning the galaxy.
Space Architect 
Do you love designing houses like my Kid bro and elder bro? Are you skillful in the use of Auto CAD and other software? It would be easy to get this then. Shelters and near-home Structures would be built in space, and we would need more of it. More hands need to be on deck to ensure enough creativity. We are humans, we have to show those aliens how brilliant we are. We need you. This could be a dream job that would land you a great deal of money, right there in your room.
Space Medic 
It’s no longer wars and armies that need Medics, space travel needs medics on board. This could be a compelling reason to actually do medicine. If not that I found love on the internet already, I could consider this job. How cool would it be, if you get to cater for people traveling out of health? You don’t even need to pay for the travel (just by the way). We need medics for people visiting the universe, and we think that could be you.
Asteroid Miner 
Resources on earth are getting depleted by the day. We need more if we are going to leave anything for our progeny. We might have found a solution in Asteroids. These planetary bodies contain minerals, you could secure yourself a job by helping us mine minerals from them. Don’t worry, we would handle the transport. (Yes, I mean “we,” humans).
Space Engineers 
Well, this is already an existent career. However, more people would be needed in the future to build better space crafts and rockets. Before the field becomes packed like the medical field, you need to hone your skill now. The pay is astonishingly high.
All these will not matter if you are one who dreads space travel. Would you appreciate traveling out of the world, just for the pay? Money is no longer in the bush, it’s now in space. In the age where robots are taking jobs, this could bail some people.

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