Elon Musk is the latest rapper to release a song on SoundCloud

If you are Tech oriented, or you are conversant with personalities on social media, you should know Elon Musk. He is the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company. His fame and worldwide acceptance started some few years ago, when his activities comes as successful.
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This man, often compared to Mark Zuckerburg, just released a rap song on SoundCloud. When I listened to it, I figured it was a bit of a jam, you might want to listen to. Yes, a CEO of three big companies, having the time to mix and release a song. He is not your regular CEO.

The song titled “RIP Harambe”, was released in ‘honor’ of the Gorilla that was shot when a young climbed into its enclosure. The 17 years old lowland gorilla was shot in its space in the Cincinnati zoo. The song was published under his SoundCloud account, Emo G Records.

Listen here

On carefully listening to the song, you would notice that it is more of a meme than words of a intending rising star. This does not matter to us anyway, the cool thing is that, Elon who is termed to be the “real life Tony Stark of the Avengers” because of his wild imaginations and creativity has the time to be involved in the autotuning of a song.

And did you see that diss battle track that was made for him and Mark Zuckerberg?

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