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    Hello People, Yes, I am Oni Oludamola, just another random blogger on this blog. Some people call me the CEO, but, I’m not, cos we are not up to 10 working on this blog yet.

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    Welcome to

    Anyways, I woke up this morning feeling generous, and I would like to reward the winner of a riddle game with N50,000 instant transfer. It’s going to be the first giveaway from, and it is our own little way of giving back to the society. We really appreciate all the time you have taken to read our blog.

    Before we continue, I would like you to take out time to comment below, on aspects you feel we need to improve on this blog. Anything you have in mind, even if they are shades. Throw them!

    Now to the game. 

    Before we continue with the game, there are a few rules I would love that you keep in mind.

    1. The cash price reward is only for one winner (The first person to get it right)

    2. Don’t try to browse out the answer, there is no way you will find the answer on Google

    3. Drop your account details at the bottom of your answer. 

    4. Once you win the N50,000 kindly come back to this post and have the screenshot of transfer in the comment section

    5. Share this post to friends (If you get the answer or not) 

    6. (This is not a requirement to winning, we would just love if you could click the links) Follow on social media. Twitter: blackpenng. Instagram: blackpenng 

    Here is the riddle!

    I am something, people (…..continue reading below this image)

    Remember this logo?

    hate me, but they clap for me, what am I?

    APRIL FOOL!!!!
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    Chill, don’t be angry just yet. Remember today is April 1st. There is no 50k anywhere, you want to ‘eat’ my 50k, yeye. If there is going to be any, maybe I would use it to get another system, and replace my stolen system. Wait till our Giveaway soon.


    This was just for the fun, and solely represent the view of this random blogger, Oni Oludamola. If you were really fooled, kindly comment Yay in the comment section. (It’s just for fun)

    If you were not, I will see you again next year.

    Why won’t you be fooled?!!!! Was my joke dry?

    Share this post and simply make someone laugh today, there is no crime in April fool biko. We are all trying to have some fun here. Selah.

    Keep this blog in mind. Don’t forget to drop comments on what you would like us to improve on, or what we are doing wrong.

    Thanks for reading. Kindly COMMENT (below) and SHARE with friends.



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