Snapchat CEO’s sister, Caroline Spiegel creates a no-visual porn site

Have you ever imagined porn without video or pictures? Do you think it would be amusing?

Well, sister to CEO of SnapChat, Caroline who is still 22 (and an undergraduate) has developed a site. The no visual porn site is called Quinn, and its going to be her first startup.

One thing about the Quinn app is, it might be Caroline’s way of being a feminist. She described the site as a “less gross, more fun pornhub for women”. In chat with TechCrunch, she assured that the site would be launched on the 13th of April. So get ready.

As of now, the project has only being able to raise less than a million dollars, but it wouldnt be surprising if investors start pouring in after the launch.

According to caroline, there would be no visuals on the site, just text and audio. The site would also be open source, such that, users can submit content and fantasies. These contents however would be vetted by the team before being published.

The idea for Quinn was sprung up as a result of a personal need. Caroline said “I had to leave stanford due to anorexia and sexual dysfunction that came with that. I started to do a lot of research into sexual dysfunction cures. There are about 30 FDA-approved drugs for sexual dysfunction for men but zero for women, and that’s a big bummer”

According to her, there is still a social stigma to women pleasuring themselves, resulting in less assistant products. 

In her words, most porn websites are specially designed for men, and there is next to none designed explicitly for women. Most sites all deal with visuals, telling one story. 

Caroline got the name “Quinn” from one of her male friend, who said his fantasy girl was Quinn. 

When asked about how the site’s content would run, she says “Our audio ranges from guided masturbation to overheard sex, and there’s also narrated stories. It’s literally everything. Different strokes for different for folks, know what I mean?”

As a business model, the site would run ads and commercials. Caroline claims they would be able to run more ads that other porn sites can’t. 

We’ll be sure to let you know when the site launches, and if you are going to what a notification from us, you can subscribe to the site. 

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