Have you seen this denim daiper-like panties?

Alright, to me, this is weird.

Fashion has gone from what we used to know, to what we now know. Brands now create bad, weird and really bizzare products, just to get more viral attention.

So, we were online and we saw this product by a fashion brand. Its simply a jean diaper. Or jean panties. But, according to the brand, “it is an underwear that doesnt need to stay down there”

This jean panties is made by Y/Projwct for Ssense and it cost just $315. That is not all, this comes along with other products, which include; bleach jean, jacket, patchwork jean and a denim skirt made of jean tops. The denim skirt cost just $2870. (Guys, get this for bae and she will be yours forever).

However, people online are not taking this funny. With reactions you should expect.

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