Using fat to lose fat (The ketogenic diet) 

Have you ever imagined what will happen when your body uses fat as a major source of energy instead of glucose?? that’s what ketosis is all about .
What’s a ketogenic diet???
A ketogenic diet is a diet that puts your body in a state of ketosis,which allows you to use fat for energy I.e using fat to lose fat….. Normally the body uses glucose from carbohydrate as it primary source of energy but when in ketosis It will not.
How do we achieve this
 By not supplying your body with carbs and sugar . This reduces your stored glucose and your blood sugar and insulin level reduces,then your body starts looking for an alternate source of fuel(fat) releases it and burns it for energy I.e Decrease in glucose=increase in the metabolism of fat

What do you think will happen WEIGHT LOSS😁
N.B you need to feed majorly on fatty foods e.g butter,meat,oil,low carb fruits(coconut),low carb vegetables(ugwu,spinach,green,okro ,pepper,cucumber etc),chicken.
Your daily  nutrient intake should be 70%fats,25%protein and 5% carbohydrates. Benefits of ketosis Apart from weight loss,stabilised blood sugar,fewer cravings and you would feel great about yourself.

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